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Profile pictures not shown

By @melanopsis2018-08-09 17:10:55.180Z2018-08-09 23:20:31.287Z

@KajMagnus, profile pictures (user uploaded) are broken in v0.6.9-WIP-3-75eef8fa4 (on premise installation).

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Line Number 1, Column 1: 1-100:1:1

Error calling /-/pubsub/subscribe/1-100?reqNr=4: {"xhr":{},"status":408}, details: slim-bundle.min.js:10:269972
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    @melanopsis2018-08-09 23:44:09.949Z

    The issue was partially on my side with the nginx configuration. I enable HTTP2 in the config and the recent changes in talkyard somehow triggered the nginx error in

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