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By Cody @codywarmbo2018-09-17 17:09:28.728Z

It would be nice to be able to structure categories so that a Talkyard site can be more specifically organized. For my case I would like to be able to make an 'Operating Systems' Category and then contain Subcategories like 'Windows', 'OS X', 'Linux', etc., and then be able to minimize/expand like an accordion. Another nice feature of this would be the ability to choose which categories are expanded by default.

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-09-18 12:12:41.488Z

    Ok yes this will be implemented eventually (I need this too for similar reasons), and ... this probably won't happen within the nearest two months. Probably, a PWA mobile app + push notifications, and per category and per-tag notifications, will get implemented before this.

    This: "be able to minimize/expand like an accordion" — hmm, you mean, on the Categories page, some categories could be collapsed, others expanded? And also sub categories could be expanded / collapsed? (only of relevance, if the parent category is expanded, I suppose)

    If you want to & have time, it'd be interesting to see an example of how this could look like :- )

    1. CCody @codywarmbo2018-09-24 17:20:30.770Z In the Tom's Hardware Forums you can see there are Hardware, Software, Networking sections, each with it's own sub-sections. If I could click 'Software' and then see all of the sub-sections and the recent topics in them, that would be very useful I think.

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