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Using / installing talkyard as the comment system for a wordpress site

By @e4ds
    2018-11-14 17:07:33.649Z

    Hello, just like discuss, how would we use talkyard as the comment system for our wordpress website? I get that we would need a separate talkyard server, but then how do we integrate the comments to show up / be part of the wordpress comment system?

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    1. Hello, right now you'd embed HTML tags, probably in a PHP template. The tags look something like this: (but don't copy-paste — this won't work with your website's URL)

      <script async defer src=""></script>
      <!-- You can specify a per page discussion id on the next line, if your URLs might change. -->
      <div class="talkyard-comments" data-discussion-id="" style="margin-top: 45px;">
      <noscript>Please enable Javascript to view comments.</noscript>
      <p style="margin-top: 25px; opacity: 0.9; font-size: 96%">Comments powered by
      <a href="">Talkyard</a>.</p>

      And you need to edit a config setting, here: your-talkyard-server/-/admin/settings/embedded-comments and type the address to your blog (for security reasons, so websites other than your own, cannot embed your comments).

      I'd like there to be a WordPress plugin so people didn't need to edit PHP code themselves to insert the HTML tags. I haven't created one yet though. (There're custom instructions for Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll ... but not WordPress this far)

      B.t.w. how do you host your WordPress blog? Is it also self hosted? And how do you provide HTTPS for your blog? (Maybe Traefik? Or Nginx? and a cert via Let'sEncrypt?)

      1. E@e4ds
          2018-11-19 04:15:53.160Z

          Hi Kaj, Blog / Site is self-hosted. Let's Encrypt for cert. Wordpress plugin would be great... so many users out there... will have to try and see where this would go, dont edit the php much at all.

          1. Ok. Let'sEncrypt with Certbot then I'm assuming (?). Can I ask, which WordPress theme do you use? ... Sometimes a plugin that makes changes to how WordPress looks (I mean, adds an embedded comments iframe), can be compatible with some themes, and not others, ... if I remember correctly, from when I did just a little bit WordPress work many years ago.