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Floating action button for new topics

By Olti N @Itlox2018-11-28 19:22:58.326Z

Here another idea: instead of the 'new topic' button on the top of the frontpage I would like to see a floating button for new the new topic action. This is practical and mor modern. Twitter has it as Google plus and a lot of other aplications
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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-11-30 07:52:51.226Z

    To me, this looks like something that could be nice on mobile phones. Let's say someone scrolls down a bit, in the topic list, to find out if a topic about a recent event has been created yet, or not. Then, when the person has scrolled past the date when the event happened, it could be nice to have quick access to this floating button for creating new topics. (rather than having to scroll up to the top, to click "Create Topic").

    At the same time, when on a laptop or desktop, I would think this button is not of that much use. Then one won't need to scroll so much, because more topics are visible on screen. In this case, I would think the Create Topic button is enough, and fairly user friendly (because of the descriptive title).

    Right now there are so many things to do. I'd like to postpone this idea ... and reconsider it some time later. ... There should be a "Postponed" / "Reconsider later" / "Remind later" topic status :- P with a built in reminder. Then, this topic could become auto-reactivated in maybe 6 months or a year, for reconsideration.