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Showcase board

By Olti N @Itlox
    2018-12-20 17:29:48.840Z

    Is a good idea to have a showcase board here, so we can see Talkyard forums in action.

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      Cody @codywarmbo
        2018-12-22 01:27:25.598Z


        I'm using Talkyard strictly as a forum for my Custom PC Enthusiasts group. Feel free to join and lurk or talk!

        1. Progress
          with doing this idea
        2. @Itlox and @codywarmbo Ok yes seems like a good idea. Did you have in mind a single showcase board, crafted for demo purposes to show how Talkyard looks? Or a list of some Talkyard forums, plus brief descriptions, so people can visit those places and have a look? Then I can contact some people who use Talkyard and ask if they want to be featured in such a list.