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How can i add languages?

By Pedro Miguel Caldeira @pcaldeira
    2019-01-28 11:04:16.112Z

    I wanted to translate from English to Portuguese from Portugal, is it possible? Or do i have to translate and send .ts to the developers?

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    1. Hi Pedro, yes you need to send a i18n.ts translation file to me, and then I'll add it to Talkyard, and release a new version that includes Portuguese Portuguese.

      B.t.w. in case you haven't found this already, here's a translation file for Brazilian Poruguese: — it's a bit incomplete; at the time, I hadn't created translation fields for all text messages. Anyway, maybe it could be a good starting point?

      Here's a readme file about how to add a new language: Maybe you'd like to, in step 1, copy pt_BR/i18n.ts to a new file, and then, when in step 2 looking at English to the left, and Portuguese to the right, you will have the Brazilian Portuguese text pre filled.