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Configuring OpenAuth login for your own Talkyard

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-01-29 13:43:15.988Z2019-01-29 13:50:57.692Z

Here's brief info about how to configure Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and GitHub OpenAuth login, for your self hosted Talkyard server.

If you try to follow these instructions — mabye you'd like to contribute with images and screenshots that illustrates the different steps? If you have time. And don't forget to erase peronal data or the actual addresses you use, from any screenshots you might submit.

The instructions:

The Talkyard config file you need to copy-paste keys and secrets into, is /opt/talkyard/conf/play-framework.conf, at the end of the file. (On your server.)

The login callbacks that you will need to fill in, over at Google's, Facebook's etc OpenAuth configuration pages, are where NAME is one of google, twitter, facebook, github.


  • Go to, and sign up or log in
  • Select the My Apps menu to the upper right
  • Click Add New App
  • Create a Products | Facebook Login app. (We should write more about this and
    add screenshots.)
  • Copy-paste the Facebook app id into #facebook.clientID="..." and #facebook.clientSecret="..."
    (instead of the ...), and activate ("comment in") each line by removing the #.


  • Go to
  • Click API & Services
  • Click Credentials, create an OAuth app for websites
  • Click Libraries, enable Google+ (not Google+ Domains, don't know what that is)
  • Copy-paste your client ID and secret into #google.clientID="..." and #google.clientSecret="...",
    and remove the #.


  • Go to, sign up or log in.
  • Click Create New App
  • As callback URL, specify:
  • Copy-paste your key and secret into #twitter.consumerKey="..." and #twitter.consumerSecret="...",
    and remove the #.


  • Log in to GitHub. Click your avatar menu. Then Settings, then Developer Settings, OAuth Apps.
  • Copy-paste your client ID and secret into #github.clientID="..." and #github.clientSecret="...",
    and remove the #.

(Sorry for too brief / maybe not so easy to follow instructions.)

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