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A seperate page for New Thread submission

By Justin @j_c
    2019-02-20 00:44:58.551Z

    Having a dedicated page for posting a new thread would help the integration on my website,
    where I have a sidebar featuring the recently created topic titles,
    and a "New Thread" submit button, to encourage thread creation.

    This separate page to direct users to is good , rather than the entire forum itself where they may get confused.

    This idea would also facilitate the users who want to submit a lot, say from browser bookmarks, encouraging easier use.

    A simple solution for this could be, a url which would invoke the New Thread editor to popup.

    For example: (maximized)

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    1. Ok so this is, in more technical terms, about adding a URL hash fragment (i.e. #new-thread in your example above) that auto opens the editor?

      That seems like a good idea. Actually, for the user profile page, I've implemented that already — if you click this link, the editor will auto open, for typing a direct message to me:

      is that what you're looking for, but for creating new topics in the topic list view? (rather than direct messages to a person)