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Developer Diary, 2019

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-02-21 04:01:31.756Z2019-02-21 04:28:59.731Z

I'm starting a developer diary, inspired by Flarum and their Dev Diary ( — I feel I've been working and working and working without telling people what I'm working with. And things take longer than expected, which have resulted in large slices of silence. I have in mind to update this diary every week or 2nd week.

Feel free to reply to me here. Maybe you have ideas about how things can be done in better ways? or some status update related question?

The most recent status update will be at (or close to) the bottom of the page — you can click "Scroll" (at the lower window border) and then "Bottom" to go there.

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  1. Progress
  2. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-02-21 04:03:49.469Z2019-02-21 04:16:24.959Z

    So here' what I'm doing now: (February 2019)

    • Fixing UX problem: Currently, mainly people used to computers, understand the forum topic list buttons and how they work. I'm making the design less confusing for non-technical people.

    • Fixing onboarding problem: When someone logs in as admin to his/her new Talkyard site, for the first time, s/he tend to not know what to do next. So I've created admin intro tours. A bit like an in-game intro tutorial, if you start playing a new computer strategy game. (There was already an admin intro guide, in text, which people almost never read.)

    • Making Talkyard more contributor friendly: Improved the assets build system: Now Gulp watch no longer errors out and stops working, on certain compilation errors. And some other things.

    • Started using React 16.8 Hooks. Feels great :- )

    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-03-22 09:09:53.319Z

      Apparently this will be a monthly diary. What I'm doing now, Mars 2019:

      • Still improving the onboarding steps: there're many small different UX problems to fix.
      • Writing code for exporting a JSON dump of one's Talkyard site, and importing to another Talkyard server (e.g. self hosted).
      • Started working on adding custom groups.