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What's missing in Talkyard

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-02-21 04:21:29.996Z2019-06-09 13:13:26.503Z

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented:

  • Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. Maybe some other features people will want are missing — will impement, during the nearest weeks and months.
  • Mobile app notifications and desktop notifications. (Currently, you get notified via email instead.)
  • "Enterprise" login: LDAP / ActiveDirectory login, SAML, Okta etc. If you're a medium / large company (more than 35 enterprise login people) we plan to charge €1 for enterprise login, per month and account.
    There's social login already: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Github. And Single Sign-On via API.

So now you know.
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