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What's missing in Talkyard

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-02-21 04:21:29.996Z2019-06-09 13:13:26.503Z

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented:

  • Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. Maybe some other features people will want are missing — will impement, during the nearest weeks and months.
  • Mobile app notifications and desktop notifications. (Currently, you get notified via email instead.)
  • "Enterprise" login: LDAP / ActiveDirectory login, SAML, Okta etc. If you're a medium / large company (more than 35 enterprise login people) we plan to charge €1 for enterprise login, per month and account.
    There's social login already: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Github. And Single Sign-On via API.

So now you know.
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  1. S
    Steve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 21:10:13.543Z

    The admin pages do not show the number of likes.

    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-29 17:38:53.005Z

      Hmm can you please explain a bit more? Do you mean ... Maybe the Review tab in the admin area, where one sees other people's posts and can review them? And that there're no Like votes shown there? — If so, showing Like votes there, and Disagree votes etc, seems like possibly a good idea. Can be helpful, when reviewing, is that what you had in mind?

      Or you want a summary of all likes everywhere? And a graph: Num like votes, plotted against time?

      1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-30 10:58:13.395Z

        Sorry I meant the review tab - the pages that show my comments - at least on the top level one. It would be useful to see the number of likes. So I likes total.

        But now I think of it the like is per page not comment so may not fit with those review pages?

        1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-10-04 16:10:31.337Z

          I'll show Like etc vote counts, in the next version. (Just fixed.)

          1. In reply tostevelee:
            KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-10-04 15:33:15.594Z

            Thanks for explaining. I agree with you; it'd be nice to see Like and Disagree votes etc on the review tab. (Likes are per post / comment, not per page.)

      2. B
        In reply toKajMagnus:
        Peter It-Leo @brainbug2019-10-28 11:26:24.776Z

        Sub Topics would be nice. They would give a look and feel like a common forum and a better handling of bigger communities. Or at least topic grouping as a "headline" which can be collapsed and minimized.

        1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-10-28 14:38:03.278Z

          This sounds interesting — and I'm a bit unsure what you have in mind? Maybe you could share a link to some website that has sub topics implemented? You didn't mean sub categories?

          Would there be different section inside one discussion topic (like, this page), with their own headlines?
          And one could collapse the sub topics — then, only the headlines would be shown?

          Or is this about the forum topic list page? I.e. pages like:

          1. BPeter It-Leo @brainbug2019-10-28 15:38:36.330Z2019-10-28 21:19:55.444Z

            There is probably more than one way to reach the goal.
            I was thinking about: how to find a topic within talkyard, especially if you have about 30 "main" static topics with lot of sub topics as you might have in a forum (here they are categories).

            So i like the non static way of talkyard but see some issues finding a topic when you have 2000 or more topics. If you organize topics with categories only, you will have a lot of categories and sub-categories. But it could be a smart way also... don't know that. So let me try to explain with an example:

            You have a community which is sharing a lot of information for cars:

            • Car Models (Headline - static / topics - collapsing)

              • Audi (Sub Topic, has new threads)
              • BMW (Sub Topic)
              • Chrysler (Sub Topic)
              • Ford (Sub Topic)
                ... 15 more "Topics"
            • Repairing (Headline - static / topic - collapsing)

              • ...
              • ...
                ... etc.

            At this point it would be nice to create static headline and pre defined topics (like a forum).

            Or another way as you mentioned before with categories and subcategories. In the example the topic "Audi" has the category "car" and will automcatically put under the static headline "car" in the main view. So it would be easier to find a topic. But if you have a great forum and about 20 headlines and 100-200 categories, it would be painfull to select a category (overwhelming the user to find the right categorie and scrolling through dozens of entries while creating a new topic). So i think pre defined topics would be much better with some categories (which would be maybe the headline? Like category: car, repairing... - these are automatically the static and collapsable headlines....). I have something like this in mind.
            That would keep the "dynamic" i love in talkyard with the alternative use as forum (which i am looking for). But it might be not the intension of talkyard, i know that (but would be a nice optional feature). But i see your point about sub categories.

            That is why i think categories should not the main way to organize the "main menu" and more for detailing the topic. The level 1 (main) and level 2 (sub) topics for the main menu and after that new topics (level 3) will be created from user.

            Maybe it's possible to create "non choosable main categories" which are the main menu. Then you have categorie "audi" which has been defined as a subcategorie for cars (which the user does not see) from the admin, Creating a new topic with this categorie will automatically put under the main "headline" cars. That would a first step for organizing large communites with lot of topics.

            It's just about having like 2000 topics within thousands of answeres. But probably talkyard is not made to handle that this way and showing answeres.

            Maybe a solution would be like this:
            There are main categories with sub categories located all at main site. So you can jump directly to the sub category. In these sub categories you can create a new topic and does not have to choose from a large categorie list. This should be an alternative feature to organize the topics/categories in talkyard. For small communities you can use the existing type. For large communities you can organize as mentioned in this paragraph. Then talkyard would be a nice, modern and attractive alternative to current forum software.