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question(pricing): Blog Comments free plan

By Саша Черных @Kristinita
    2019-02-22 16:04:21.866Z

    1. Summary

    I would like to clarify the limits for Blog Comments free plan.

    2. Details

    €0 if your blog gets less than 24 comments and 24 000 page views per year.

    24 comments — year limit for all blog or for blog page?

    24 000 views — year limit for all blog or for single blog page?

    3. Note

    My comment about cloud, not self-hosted version.


    Solved in post #3, click to view
    • 2 replies
    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-02-24 14:01:17.624Z2019-02-24 14:12:39.315Z

      Hi Саша @Kristinita,

      Can I first ask: What's your opition? How much do you want blog comments to cost? How many commets does your blog get, and what feels like okay to you, to pay for that?

      24 comments and 24 000 page views for €0, is yearly. Not monthly.

      I'm thinking about changing, to maybe 50 comments and 50 000 page views yearly.

      This means, to start using Talkyard, when one has a small "undiscovered" blog, Talkyard doesn't cost anything. One doesn't have to bother with typing payment details. I guess this covers about 90% or of all blogs. ... Most blogs I've seen, I'd say they post maybe 1 - 10 blog posts per year, and get between 0 and 20 comments ... per year. (Everything is via Twitter and Facebook etc now instead.)

      And thereafter, for up to 50 monthly comments and 50 000 monthly page views, I have in mind to add a pay-what-you-want but-at-least-€1 pricing tier. I guess this covers 90% of the remaining blogs. Since these blogs get many comments and traffic, these bloggers will (I think) have enough motivation to submit payment details. And if they want to support Talkyad and aren't short of money, they can choose to pay more than the minimum.

      (What's your blog about b.t.w.? Feel free to send a link)

      1. Progress
      2. Now I've changed the pricing. It's free / pay-what-you-want, for low / medium traffic blogs:

        • €0 for the first 50 comments, per year.
        • Otherwise, pay what you want, at least €0.5, for up to 50 comments, per month.