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Statistics of comments

By Artur Mikheyankou @amikheyankou2019-07-09 07:59:20.070Z

Hello. I tested the Talkyard comment service and found one feature there. The service is bound to the domain and thus keeps statistics of comments. In other words, if we run it on a domain and then, for some reason, change the domain name, the statistics will disappear comments? (It is about @debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard)

Best regards, Artur.

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-07-09 13:40:35.721Z

    Hi Artur, yes, if you don't specify a discussion id, then, currently the comments are tied to the domain where they get created (e.g. and won't appear, if you change the address to the blog. — Actually I'm making a change that makes the comments not tied to the domain. Instead, they'll be tied only to the URL path.

    So, after this change, if there're blog comments for this page:, and you move the blog to Then, the blog post will thereafter be at and since the url path is the same: /page/aaa, the comments will still be there.

    Is this how you want things to work? (i.e. comments being tied to the url path only. Instead of [server origin + url path].) This change is in my work-in-progress branch over at GitHub, and I have in mind to include it in the next release, in 3 to 4 weeks.

    I'd suggest, though, that you consider adding discussion ids to the blog posts. See: Then you can change both the server address, and url paths, and the comments will still be there.