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New version: Talkyard v0.6.49

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-10-14 10:28:48.491Z

So this is the first newsletter / announcement. I haven't been good at communicating what features and things appear in Talkyard — let's try to change that :- )

New features

.... since the last few months:

Discussion forum features:

  • Custom user groups: Create groups, add users, and configure notification settings and access permissions for all group members together. And, on user profile pages: Show group memberships.

  • Invite to group: Add addToGroups: @group_name at the top of the people-to-invite email list, and they'll get auto-added to that group.

  • Invite list filter options: Show only pending invites, or last invite, per user. (Otherwise, with 100s of invites, the list becomes annoyingly long.)

  • Notifications bug fix: Notifications were sent also for topics one couldn't access (which made people confused).

  • Upsert categories API: If your own software system has different "things", like, different end user created plugins, maybe school classes — then you can auto-create categories in Talkyard: one category for each plugin, for example — so the people using that plugin, get their own place to talk about it. Here's an example: — the categories in the Packages category, were upserted via Talkyard's API.

  • Experimental support for embedding a Talkyard forum or category in an <iframe> (message @KajMagnus if you want to know more).

  • If Single Sign-On is combined with Login Required: Don't show a pointless empty page with a Log In button — instead, directly redirect to the Single Sign-On page. You can enable this, by going to https://your-server/-/admin/settings/login and specifying a SSO After Logout URL — that is, a page on your intranet / website, where people will be sent, after logout. (Without a go-to-after-Logout-URL, there could be a [logout —> redirect to SSO login page —> auto-login —> back to Talkyard, now logged in again] "eternal loop", preventing one from logging out).

Blog comments

  • Disqus blog comments importer now works (1.5 years after the initial feature request o.O ). Here's one of the imported discussions: Why you shouldn't interrupt a proprammer.

  • An Atom feed for blog comments: /-/v0/embedded-comments-feed

  • Bug fixes related to broken image and user profile links, for self hosted blog comments.



Your Talkyard site should have auto upgraded to version 0.6.49 already, if you use the hosting, or if you're self-hosted via talkyard-prod-one. Otherwise, bump your Talkyard version number to v0.6.49-535d684, see:

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