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Bug: Clicking "Home" in a private thread redirects to weird /test homepage

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2020-02-17 09:10:34.588Z
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    1. It's a bug, fixing now.

      Details: Long ago, Talkyard had a sub community feature (like subreddits), and your forum actually has an old sub community located at /test/.
      I've since disabled this sub community feature. However, because of "bad luck" Talkyard finds that old /test/ sub community and links the Home button to it — I'll make Talkyard understand that such old sub communities should be ignored.

      1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
          2020-02-21 23:18:49.381Z

          Gotcha, makes sense. Thank you!

        • Progress
          with handling this problem
        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Started 2020-02-18 04:55:32.806Z.
        • This now fixed — your server upgraded (yesterday). Feel free to see if works now? (I.e. links to / not /test/)

          1. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Done 2020-02-23 13:58:58.060Z.
          2. C
            Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
              2020-02-23 21:48:13.804Zreplies toKajMagnus:

              Confirmed working! Thank you for the quick fix :)