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Custom login form

By @forumguy
    2020-02-17 15:35:32.803Z

    Is there a way to customize the sign-up form (e.g. Custom questions/challenges that the user must answer correctly to be accepted) ?
    Use: a forum seeking to attract people with specific skills or interest might want to make sure a user is suitable before becoming a member.

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    1. Right now there is not. It'd be interesting to see examples of some questions and answers you have in mind? Then, simpler to understand how this could work, UX wise.

      • What about making the site invite-only, and having people send you an email to join, and write a bit about themselves? And then you can send them an invite link.

      • Or if you setup a Google Docs form or something, and somehow send an API request to Talkyard, if people fill in the form in an okay way — then Talkyard could generate an invite link, which you could show to the one who filled in the form.

      • Maybe if there was a plugin system, this could get implemented via a plugin somehow.

      • Maybe doesn't suite your use case, but you can require people to have an email address matching (whatever)@your.organization.domain.

      1. F@forumguy
          2020-02-18 06:38:16.004Z

          Sending an email back-and-forth is not really scalabe. A google form with API integration sounds interesting. But really what i mean is a way for each admin to customize the login according to their preferences. [e.g. a forum geared to students or alumni of a particular school might want to challenge users by asking about a specific landmark or custom of that school].

          1. 1) Asking about e.g. a landmark, sounds like a nice middle-ground between [totally-open-signups], and "more complicated security".

            Then, with a challenge question, the students could share [just the address to the forum] with each other.

            customize the login according to their preferences

            Sounds as if there might be more things you might want to customzize? What could that be?

            Maybe adding a signug dialog title?

            Right now I think it's just:
            "Continue with [gmail / facebook / ... / email & password]"

            2) Yet another approach could be that, when signing up, one types a short text about oneself, e.g. which class, which teacher, and then the forum admins can check that that class and teacher are real? One fills in a brief bio, sort of.

            3) A third approach could be a signup link: the forum admins could share a link with a somewhat-secret-key in the URL, and only people who get that link, can sign up. Then, the students can share that link with each other, when they tell each other about the forum. The link could expire after a month, and the forum admins could generate a new link if needed, and share that one, thereafter.

            Such links can also automatically add students to the right class. E.g. share one link, with students in class A — and they'll all get auto-added to a group named "Class A".
            And share another link, with alumni students — and they'll get added to a group "Alumni". — How does this sound?

            1. F@forumguy
                2020-02-24 04:15:40.337Z

                It's funny, you touched almost all points I wanted. I just want to add...

                1. A title is a nice idea for personalization.
                2. A bio option can be useful also even when its in automatic sign-up mode without admin authentication.
                  I've seen some phpbb forums use a bio field to automatically update a 'welcome' topic, where everyone tells a bit about themselves.
                3. A semi-secret shareable link can be useful for the forum, but also - for example - for the chat feature, to join a specific chat.