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User Badges

By @forumguy
    2020-02-17 15:49:19.158Z

    Sorry for all the questions in one shot... I'm seriously considering talkyard since it literally combines neatly the best features from all the other forum platforms.
    Is there any way to add user badges next to the username, e.g. near the admin, for instance on this site i would add near @KajMagnus admin lead developer etc.
    It should be customizeable either by user (pick from a admin/user-populated dropdown or insert custiom) or optionally site admin , and clickable to find other users of that status.

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    1. Good idea, I want this too (& have been planning to add this). Will have to wait a bit, two weeks at least probably.

      1. Progress
        with doing this idea
      2. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2020-02-18 13:06:49.083Z.