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Change Owner/Moderator

By Dwight Frye @dwightfrye2020-07-16 23:32:24.919Z

Is it possible to change the owner/moderator of an account which is serving comments for a blog? We realized that it would be better to have the moderation be done by another individual. Thanks!

Solved in post #2, click to view
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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-07-17 10:50:34.288Z

    Yes, have him/her join the Talkyard blog comments site (or forum).

    Then, you (the current admin) click your name to the upper right, then, in the dropdown that appears, click Admin.
    Then click Users to go the Users admin page tab. (that is, https:// your-talkyard-site /-/admin/users/enabled )

    Click the soon-new-admin's name, then, on the about-him/her page, click Grant admin.
    Once you've verified s/he can login as admin,
    you might want to disable admin access for the previous admin.

    You can also add him/her as a moderator, alternatively. Or change your current admin to "just" be a moderator instead.

    1. DDwight Frye @dwightfrye2020-07-17 11:02:02.739Z

      Thanks! This is extremely helpful. The quick response is appreciated.