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In Hugo demo, comment count increases even when cancel a post

By Gary Robinson @garyrob2020-09-01 23:19:37.749Z

Hi, I'm playing with Talkyard using the Hugo instructions at

I'm using localhost to view my blog posts. When I click Reply to a post, the displayed count of comments is incremented; if I cancel Cancel instead of clicking Post Reply, the count of comments remains incremented even though there is no new post.

That definitely doesn't seem right!

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-09-02 05:59:59.423Z

    Hi Gary (nice hearing from you :- ))

    Yes it's a bug, I've noticed me too sometimes.

    Now I just fixed it (on localhost). The fix will be included in the upcoming version, later this week or next week. (The bug is that the preview of the reply one is writing, incorrectly bumps the reply counter.)

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