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Export to native WordPress comments

By @Happyfeet012020-10-07 17:18:48.553Z


Is there a way to export the comments to the native WordPress comments?

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-10-07 21:19:05.618Z

    As of now one can only export to Talkyard's own JSON format. So, no, not as of now. At the same time, should be somewhat straightforward to convert to WordPress XML.

    It seems you've created a WordPress blog and want to use WordPress' built-in commenting system?
    Or, looking at the chat message: "Is there a way to integrate the comments to WordPress?" — then, sounds as if possibly you'd also / alternatively be interested in an embedded comments iframe?
    (There's also no WordPress Talkyard comments plugin as of now :- (   )

    1. H@Happyfeet012020-10-07 21:24:42.253Z

      I switched back from ghost cms back to WordPress. Because the mobile editing is better.
      Yes I search for an way to export the comments to the WordPress Commentsystem. Disqus is not an alternative in Germany

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-10-09 04:21:34.339Z

        I think right now there is no simple way for you to export comments to WordPress (and, the other way around, importing directly from WP to Ty also doesn't work, b.t.w.).

        One alternative could be to start using WordPress without the old blog comments, and hope that someone else will create a Ty –> WP comments migration script later, and then, import the old comments. Maybe not such a good alternative, but maybe the least bad? (or what are your thoughts)


        About not using Disqus in Germany — I wonder, is that from your perspective, or people in general, in Germany?

        (I websearched for "disqus germany" but found only blogs & news about events in germany, written in English. And then I searched for "disqus deutschland" and found a blog with the title "Freiheit für Kommentare! Warum das Web Disqus nicht braucht" — that oddly enough uses Disqus itself)

        1. H@Happyfeet012020-10-09 06:38:31.493Z

          To my knowledge, it is not data protection compliant here in Germany.