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Styling login and wrapper; payment details

By Boris Giba @BorisGiba2020-10-31 10:31:46.226Z


it's me again.
I have managed to style almost everything that I wanted to style with the exception of the comments-wrapper, which appears grey:

It seems this div has its style set inline and I was not able to change its style so I wanted to ask if you could make the style of this div editable.

Another question: Is it possible to style the login window for the embedded comments? I tried but it did not work.

And my last question would be: I have played around for a few weeks (I think?) with Talkyard and I am currently on the free trial of the basically free tier. I wanted to view my payment/plan details (how much time on the free tier is left, where can I select my payment option, etc.) but could not find this setting. Where can I find those settings?

Thanks so much for keeping this project alive!

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Solved in post #4, click to view
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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-02 05:33:04.364Z2020-11-02 05:39:21.990Z

    make the style of this div editable
    style the login window

    Ok yes, I'll fix

    view my payment/plan details [...] how much time on the free tier is left

    One gets an email with details after >= one month. I've sent you a private message

    1. BBoris Giba @BorisGiba2020-11-02 10:43:06.398Z2020-11-02 11:27:51.560Z

      Ok, thank you for the reply!
      Is it also possible to style the login modal?
      I mean this:

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-02 14:22:51.750Z

        Right now it's not possible — the CSS <link rel="stylesheet" ...> is not included in the login popup.

        But I'll change that, so that the CSS will be included and it'll work.

        I'll deploy a new server ... likely on Wednesday I think. (A few other things to do too)

        (Except for when logging in directly to the admin area, i.e. going directly tohttps://talkyard server addr/-/admin, — because then if there's a problem / bug in the custom CSS that breaks login, one couldn't login and fix the bug)

        1. BBoris Giba @BorisGiba2020-11-02 15:38:35.404Z

          Ok, thank you!
          I would only want to style the user (not admin) login anyway, so that would be perfectly sufficient.
          Let me know when the update is live, I am looking forward to it! :)