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Server recommendation for 100 users

By Jeff M @phoenix2020-11-06 17:23:00.339Z

What server configuration would you recommend for 100 users?

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-08 18:48:49.463Z

    100 daily active users? I'd use a VPS with 4 GB RAM 2 (v)CPU server, but since RAM doesn't cost that much I'd probably use 6 GB RAM just in case the community will grow.

    (2 GB should work too, but then there's a little bit little memory available for ElasticSearch — there're two Java Virtual Machines in Talkyard: the application server, and ElasticSearch.)

    1. P
      In reply tophoenix:
      Jeff M @phoenix2020-11-09 14:06:03.107Z

      Thank you! Another question, it looks like users are able to upload and share different types of data (for example, images, videos, word & excel documents). Is there a way to configure which mime types are disallowed? For example, we don't want our users to be able to upload images & videos, but not anything else.

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-11 19:06:56.013Z

        Right now, there's no way to configure that. You'd like to specify allowed mimetypes (rather than file suffixes)?

        What about radio buttons / checkboxes: [ ] Allow images, [ ] Allow non-executable attachments, [ ] Allow all types of attachments.

        Or there could be a text field, where you can type a list of allowed mime types? One per line. However most people who tried to use this, would probably forget one or more image mime types I suppose.

        If there's a file with an okay mimetype, but the wrong file suffix, say, an image/png but with ... No suffix? Or a .pdf suffix or something weird — I suppose then it's ok to reject those files.

        1. PJeff M @phoenix2020-11-11 19:10:47.686Z

          I think your checkboxes would be sufficient. [ ] Allow Images & Video would be the only change I would think. We specifically would not want Microsoft Office documents to be shared using Talkyard.

          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-11 19:18:53.850Z

            Microsoft Office documents

            Because they can contain scripts? Security risk? (Or sth else? if it's ok that I ask)

            1. PJeff M @phoenix2020-11-11 19:43:28.323Z

              Security & Process/Legal risk.