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Can you disable the "Some disagree with this" feature?

By @LuckySandwich2021-03-28 04:53:02.362Z

I've used forums like Reddit for ages.. before that, Digg. The hivemind effect is cancer. The "some disagree with this" feature is not a feature I want, because I feel that it hinders discussion and influences perception more than it should.

Can this be disabled?


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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-03-29 14:42:50.505Z

    I can add a checkbox to disable the Disagree vote, in the admin settings, in the upcoming Ty version.

    (I was firstt going to say that you could temporarily add some CSS to hide the Disagree feature, but now I noticed that there aren't any CSS classes that helps one distinguish between Like vote counts and Disagree vote counts.)

    Maybe some time later, there could be another optional checkbox to "Reveal and disable Disagree votes after X days" — stopping the hive mind behavior, whilst still making it possible for people to see what others disagreed about.

    And maybe hiding Disagree votes, until one is done reading a reply, plus 10 more seconds — so one can form one's own opinion, before getting influenced by others. Could a bit mitigate (but not eliminate) the problem.

    But yes, always a checkbox to remove Disagree votes completely.