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Feature request: ability to add tags directly in the message composer

By Andrea Ghensi @sanzoghenzo2021-04-30 09:43:04.072Z

Right now, to use tags one needs to first create a message and then edit the tags via "Add/remove tags".
I think it's a poor UX choice, especially in the case (like mine) when one wants to keep a low number of categories and leverage tags for the organization of the discussions.

Is there a chance to have a place to set the tags directly in the compose panel?

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-05-05 07:03:25.336Z

    Yes I think that's a good idea. The editor should let one pick tags, and also choose if one wants to be anonymous (for sites that allow that). I could look into creating a design for both those things at the same time

    keep a low number of categories and leverage tags

    Do you use tags currently in Talkyard? (I've slightly started a refactoring of how the tags are implemented — there'll be tag hierarchies, and optionally tags with values too, e.g. assigned-to: username tags)

    (I changed the title from "message panel" to "message composer")

    1. SAndrea Ghensi @sanzoghenzo2021-05-05 07:24:13.955Z


      I just started the server, so there's not much in it yet; but our plans are to use tags as much as we can (something like StackOverflow).
      This is because we don't want the user spend time to decide in which category a question fits, and to keep the maintenance low (less checks and moves between categories).

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-05-05 07:44:28.327Z

        Ok :- ) Who, in your case, should be allowed to create new tags?

        And rename a tag? Or maybe merge closely related tags into each other? (What about a configurable trust level, e.g. Full Members, or Core Members?)

        And add tags to a topic? — At least the topic author, apparently, looking at the Original Post here.

        Who may remove tags? (What about the topic author, and another configurable trust level?)

        1. SAndrea Ghensi @sanzoghenzo2021-05-05 08:17:32.388Z

          Since we cannot find a way to create new tags without assigning them to a message, we are deferring the creation to the author;
          I know it's a double edged sword, but if the tag creation can suggest similar already used tags it can be a contained risk... and helps the community adapt to new topics with low (at least I hope) maintenance.

          I'd say your suggestions are good: a trust level to manage tags (rename, merge, etc) and author+trust level for adding and removing tags to/from a topic.

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      with doing this idea
    3. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2021-05-05 07:03:54.169Z.