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API shorthand syntax

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-05-22 18:17:19.765Z2021-05-22 19:32:17.601Z


In the API docs, this:

POST /-/v0/something  {
  field: 'value',
  oneTwoMany: 123,

means sending a HTTP POST request to /-/v0/something
with a header Content-Type: application/json
and a JSON payload: { "field": "value", "oneTwoMany": 123 }.



POST /-/v0/add-turtles  {
  turtles: Turtle[],

interface Turtle {
  name: St,
  isCute?: Bo,
  isKind: Bo,
  speedMps: Nr,

is suddenly Typescript. [] means array. St, Bo and Nr mean string, boolean and number. The question mark in isCute? means that that field is optional.

The above add-turtles endpoint could thus be called like so:

POST /-/v0/add-turtles  {
  turtles: [{
    name: "Bowser",
    isKind: false,
    speedMps: 5,
  }, {
    name: "Morla",
    isCute: true,   <—— optional field
    isKind: true,
    speedMps: 0,
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