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Threading for email notifications

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2022-06-21 19:55:34.115Z

    I'd love it if TalkYard would make it possible for email clients to create email threads that matched the forum threads.

    So if I had email notifications enabled, and there were 5 posts in topic A, and 3 posts in topic B, and 6 posts in Topic C, I'd have 14 total emails, but my email client could group them into three email threads (one thread for each topic).

    So in my email client, the threads would look something like this:

    To do this, TY would have to use subject lines that matched the forum thread and set the In-Reply-To and References email headers to tell the email client which emails are associated with which forum threads.

    When I'm reading TY notification emails, I'd like to follow the thread, but the current implementation makes each notification totally independent, so it creates a lot of clutter. I often see the last message in a thread where the user says their issue is resolved, but then I have to go through all the emails to find all the notifications that were associated with that particular forum thread.

    It looks like part of the motivation for the current implementation was to address needs of users like @chrscheuer, but I'd love to find a way to manage noise from email notifications while also enabling email clients to organize them well.

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      Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
        2022-06-21 20:07:12.153Z

        I'd love this as well :)

        1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
            2022-06-21 20:08:28.541Z

            My issue was with the email threads being based on "notification type" which made no sense. Having an option to send emails with subjects matching each Talkyard page would be a great option.
            Ideally each user could decide which format of the two they prefer.

          • In reply tomichael:

            This would be nice for me too. And then, with one email thread per forum topic, it'd be simpler to implement Reply-via-email too (later if anyone wants this).

            Thanks for the mockup, and link to the header docs — I didn't know about In-Reply-To and References. (I've been surprised by how my email client (Gmail) groups emails seemingly by looking at [server.addr] only but I suppose these headers help it to do the right thing)

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            2. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-06-22 12:40:15.914Z.