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Talkyard: Open source Q&A for your software and IT (old)

Gather answers about your software and IT environment, to help:

- New team members

- Your customer support teams

- Sales and marketing people

- Operations people

- Management

And free time for your developers — when they no longer need to answer the same questions again and again in Slack, or via email or in person. And won't have to guess what people wonder about, and document the wrong things.

Also, have open-ended HackerNews style discussions (i.e. good ideas rise to the top) about future features and changes. Let developers and designers meet sales, marketing, support, operations and management. And build things that work smoothly for all parts of your organization.

Talkyard is free and open source. Install it on-premise and let everyone join, without looking at anyone as a cost. (Other solutions charge money per user.)

And, unlike team chats like Slack, your knowledge doesn't scroll up and away and is gone. (Talkyard has basic Slack chat features though. Which you can disable if you use Slack already.)

Talkyard is beta software. Bug warning. Maybe you want to change how it looks? Or add features you need? Send notifications to Slack? Here's the source.   And here is our real homepage with more info.


Go to the discussion. The posts above are from this StackOverflow question, license: cc-by-sa-3.0.