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Configure password strength? (set minLength to 8)

By Thomas @d4kmor2018-07-07 08:19:20.353Z

By default it minLength is 10. I would like it to be 8. Didn't find any option for that.
Would be nice if it where possible to use a configured from e.g. conf/web/create-password.conf.

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-07-08 06:44:56.487Z

    Ok yes now I added an application server config value, for min password length. It'll be in this file: conf/app/play.conf (the conf/web/ is for Nginx things only). And the config value will be: talkyard.minPasswordLength=8 (if you want 8).

    If one configures a value < 8, the server says "I refuse to start: Min password length is less than 8 chars; that's too easy to crack. Bye.".

    I've pushed this change to my work in progress branch (w-km3 right now). I'll code review later today? tomorrow?, merge into the master branch and then incl in the next version, on Tuesday maybe.

    1. DThomas @d4kmor2018-07-08 09:29:30.385Z

      very nice thank you will check it with the next release :)

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-07-20 15:21:05.594Z

        Ok your server should now have auto-upgraded to a version with talkyard.minPasswordLength=8 supported. If you try this, it'd be intereting to hear how it works for you

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