No internet connection discussion system

By KajMagnus @user_1452013-08-30 05:06:15.568Z

I'm thinking about using [the discussion system in use on this site] for Here's a noisy demo, and here is a "real" (non-demo) page.

Some things that are missing:

  • A reputation system

  • Tagging questions, search by tags

  • A question list page for "mostly unanswered" questions

  • Optionally disable horizontal layout

What do you think?

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    Piotr @user_1612013-09-18 01:54:41.161Z

    But two things are must:

    • 'pending approval' (it still happens to me all the time),
    • you need to collect a number of people and make them talking on any topic (it's crucial to have seed of non-random discussions), then people will see "cool, we really need to use it as well" and will adopt :).
    1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-09-23 21:42:49.431Z

      Ooops I was hoping that I had fixed the pending approval issue. I really need to fix it for real the next time.

      Finding people and encouraging them to start talking will be really hard I'd expect, hmm. But it'd be fun to try :-)

    2. U
      In reply touser_145:
      Piotr @user_1612013-09-18 01:52:16.247Z

      Great idea!

      Two more things:

      • make it easy to vote on other (e.g. small tags 'interesting!', 'funny!', etc)
      • make upvoted comments better visible (so you can easily look for the best pieces)
        • maybe a bar with buttons, and depending on your preferences you can highlight posts with particular tag (a'la predator vision modes from AvP ;)).

      My friends (whom I tried to being here, but with not much success) mention also:

      • optionally disabling horizontal layout,
      • e-mail integration (i.e. not only you get full text for answers (if notifications switched on)) but also you can answer directly via e-mail.
      1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-09-23 21:38:14.294Z

        Do you think the small tags (e.g. 'interesting' and 'funny') should always be visible? So one didn't need to first click a 'Vote' button for them to appear?

        Thanks for mentioning your friends' suggestions