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Strange Error with Firefox Extension

This may be very specific, but I use this extension: for YouTube. When this extension is enabled, I get errors in the console and Talkyard won't load anything after the custom header HTML. re...

SupportC32018-10-03 14:23:21.597Z
Content Security Policy error within GatsbyJS

Hello. I've tried to add the section below of my blog post template. but I met this error in chrome developer Tool. Then I can't figure out any appearance of Talkyard. How can I modify Content Security Policy to 'self' from 'none'? It seems all will ...

SupportO32018-10-01 07:00:03.743Z

Do iframes not work? Trying to share a YouTube video in my forum.

SupportC52018-10-01 05:39:33.452Z
Subcategories / Parent Topics

It would be nice to be able to structure categories so that a Talkyard site can be more specifically organized. For my case I would like to be able to make an 'Operating Systems' Category and then contain Subcategories like 'Windows', 'OS X', 'Linux'...

IdeasCC22018-09-24 17:20:30.770Z
Database connection error and a question

Hello, I want to ask if I need to create the Postgres database "talkyard" and user "talkyard" myself or is automatically created on the host machine ? And the POSTGRES_PASSWORD from ".env" should be the password for global access to Postgres database...

SupportR12018-09-22 01:39:54.732Z
RSS feed for the most recent comments

@someburneraccount wrote: "... planning to put the embeddable rss feed of the most recent comments in our forum to our sidebar, so that users see that and hopefully join the forum ..." — ok so there'll be an RSS (Atom) feed with the most recent comme...

Ideas32018-09-20 01:18:50.740Z
Support file uploads to Amazon S3 buckets

It would be really useful to have the ability to upload files directly into AWS S3 buckets. One can currently mount an S3 bucket to a Talkyard instance and direct the uploads there but I am not sure how reliable that would be. Supporting this in the ...

IdeasMM22018-09-17 17:32:01.740Z
Ability to hold hosted forum on a stable branch to force it to not update with new, untested features?

Given the big number of errors we've had in the Talkyard forum these last days, I'm wondering if it would be possible on a hosted talkyard forum to force it to stay on a stable branch/version and not receive any updates until they have been tested to...

IssuesCC32018-09-09 05:07:17.895Z
Hamburger top nav dropdown, for mobiles

@someburneraccount wrote: "[we'd like to have a] three stripes menu icon for the mobile page and then just click on it to have the all the menu text appear" — agree with this, I want this too. And, often people don't bother to click the hamburger / t...

IdeasC22018-09-01 17:34:33.714Z
Add a Change Password button

Currently one can only change one's password, by clicking "Did you forget your password?" in the login dialog, when logged out. There should also be a "Change password" button on one's user profile page, the Account section probably. (Thanks Cody for...

Issues02018-08-31 08:05:01.564Z
Explain icons...
Keep attached file name intact while downloading

When a user downloads an attachment, the file name seen in the post is replaced with some generated (hashed?) name which forces user to rename the file. It would be desirable to keep the original file name intact during download. Thank you!

IdeasMM62018-08-27 20:49:49.265Z
How to show header like your site like Talkyard Community forum

Hi Kaj, Is there already a way to show header and logo in Talkyard-Prod. I need to do customization of Talkyard. Can you suggest something for it. Regards Arjun Singh

SupportEC32018-08-25 15:24:19.937Z
Error when Deleting an Account

onCloseOk/<@ r/<@ See Dev Tools for details: usually Ctrl + Shift + C, here in the browser, then click Console.

IssuesCC32018-08-24 23:47:07.617Z
Sharing to Social Media

Currently when sharing any forum post to a social media site like Facebook, no opengraph info is shown or pulled. Is this by design? Can we force meta info?

IdeasCC22018-08-24 23:46:12.315Z
Paste to Upload

Currently a user must save/upload an image into Talkyard for it to be displayed. In things like DokuWiki and Bookstack there is the option to paste the contents of the clipboard and upload it immediately. Can this be implemented or a similar solution...

IdeasC12018-08-23 11:55:48.482Z
Cannot read Terms of Use if 'require authentication to read content' enabled

This admin setting: [x] Login required Require authentication to read content also requires users to be authenticated before they can access & read the terms-of-use, so, with login-required enabled, then, when signing up, no one can read the terms-of...

Issues02018-08-22 15:13:36.324Z
Make MaxBytesPerDayMember and MaxBytesPerWeekMember configurable

Hi, I see that the values for MaxBytesPerDayMember, MaxBytesPerWeekMember, MaxBytesPerDayStaff and MaxBytesPerWeekStaff are currently hard coded. It would be desirable to expose these variables and make them configurable, either in app conf or in the...

IdeasMM42018-08-20 19:06:46.252Z
Syntax highlighting like on Github

On Github I can choose a language formatter by typing the language identifier after the first ``` 3 backticks, like this: ```js my javascript code here `` ` The extra space should be disregarded, only there to bypass the formatting end tag. Would th...

IdeasCC42018-08-20 15:22:54.409Z
Add a rich text editor

Maybe use ProseMirror to build one? It supports both rich text and Markdown, and collaborative editing. Here Atlassian has published an open source editor built on ProseMirror: (found out abou...

Ideas02018-08-20 12:06:39.340Z
Open External Links in a New Tab

Currently all links open in the current tab/window. I think links that don't contain the domain Talkyard resides on/in should open in a new tab with the _blank attribute in the Markdown/HTML links that are made.

IdeasC32018-08-19 05:37:15.383Z
Shall a trust level group mention include higher trust levels or not?

If mentioning a built-in trust level group, like @basic_members — does that include higher trust levels or not? To me,@basic_members, sounds as if higher trust levels are not included. However, if someone types @full_members, then that sounds as if h...

Support22018-08-14 07:57:10.167Z
Group mentions broken

If mentioning a built-in group, like @core_members, then there's this error: "Got a group when trying to load member $groupId [EdE2SBA4J7]" because currently only individual people (but not groups) can be mentioned. Instead, either there should be a ...

Issues12018-08-14 07:50:13.498Z
Avoid unnecessary closed + reopened messages

Don't show messages like: X closed this topic 15 hours ago. X reopened this topic 15 hours ago. Because that's not interesting; nothing really happened. Instead, when someone clicks Close and then Reopen soon again, show no messages about that. The s...

Issues02018-08-14 07:48:47.325Z
configure https on prod-one

Hello, I would like to configure https access for my webserver using Talkyard. I suppose I have to obtain a let's encrypt certificate and then install it somewhere in the project, enabling some configuration files. Anybody can help me with a small tu...

SupportBB82018-08-13 13:25:59.744Z
Permanently delete items

I noticed that in my own instance content deleted is hidden but not actually deleted off the server. This would raise issues if a user where to post illegal material as the website owner would still be liable if an investigator found it in the databa...

IdeasHH22018-08-10 17:13:31.606Z
Clicking attachment would result nginx 500 Internal Server Error

Hi @KajMagnus, after the last deployment (on premise, v0.6.9-WIP-3-75eef8fa4), we are no longer able to open/save attachments. Following the attachment link would throw an internal server error. Here's what I see in the console (domain name edited) E...

IssuesM22018-08-10 16:59:13.095Z
Single-Sign-On for embedded comments, v1

This is how we're planning to make single-sign-on (SSO) for embedded comments work. (For SSO for the discussion forum itself (which isn't embedded), maybe it'll be some simple flavor of OpenAuth instead.) To single-sign-on, the server that generates ...

IdeasNSC152018-08-10 15:49:36.953Z
Profile pictures not shown

@KajMagnus, profile pictures (user uploaded) are broken in v0.6.9-WIP-3-75eef8fa4 (on premise installation). XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: Line Number 1, Column 1: 1-100:1:1 Err...

IssuesM12018-08-09 23:44:09.949Z
Hosting requirements

Do you we need a VPS to run Talkyard ? Will it work on normal shared hosting ?

SupportMG162018-08-06 17:21:21.737Z
Blog comments: The editor can hide the comment one replies to

When adding Talkyard comments to a blog, and clicking Reply: if the blog uses position: absolute for the <div> with the blog post and comments, then Talkyard's editor can appear above the comment one replies to, and one needs to close the editor, to ...

Issues02018-08-05 11:32:49.380Z
Notifications generated for topics one may not access

If someone mentions a non-staff member, say @jane_doe, in a staff-only chat — then a notification about the mention is sent to that person (i.e. to Jane Doe). Then, when s/he clicks the notification, s/he gets an access denied error. (Thanks Burak fo...

Issues02018-08-03 07:26:19.121Z

Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

SupportNT82018-07-31 01:10:05.766Z
Configure password strength? (set minLength to 8)

By default it minLength is 10. I would like it to be 8. Didn't find any option for that. Would be nice if it where possible to use a configured from e.g. conf/web/create-password.conf.

SupportD32018-07-20 15:21:05.594Z
No. of users and no.of domains for hosted services

Sorry if these are simple questions to which I should know the answer. For a business user purchasing your hosting services, are there any restrictions on: (1) whether all users need to be from the same domain (that is, could some users be "xxxx@doma...

SupportA22018-07-15 16:46:07.781Z
Bugs: Invites = broken. Cannot have many identities

1. There's a problem with invites: invided users cannot choose a password, so they cannot really login. I've fixed it an will deploy the fix maybe tomorrow morning. ( & will add end-to-end tests for this) (What's an invite? It's when you click the In...

Issues12018-07-13 05:44:39.302Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2018-06-24

Here's what's next for Talkyard — the items are not ordered, except for "soon" and "later". Feedback & change suggestions are welcome; add a comment below. Edit: This roadmap is old. There's a new roadmap here, from 2018-11-26. Now soon Theming. User...

DevelopmentD22018-07-10 19:59:49.723Z
Disable/Enable global categories like ideas

While going through the initial setup you get asked if you want to have questions, ideas, problems, discussions, ... As I wanted to see how all of them look I said yes to all of them. My primary use case would be questions so when sending I out initi...

SupportDD22018-07-08 07:10:08.839Z
How can I connect external Postgresql Database to Talkyard-Prod

I am trying to connect my own PostgreSQL database to Talkyard-Prod after editing play.conf. Is it possible to connect external postgreSQL database ?

SupportE32018-07-02 15:05:48.352Z
New line displayed as "âŠ" in Prism.js

New lines in Prism.js box are displayed as "âŠ", don't know why and how to hide that. Screenshot shows the problem. It is probably Talkyard related, because "âŠ" shows only here. For example Prism.js works completly fine when loaded from the same .cs...

SupportV52018-06-29 21:15:53.293Z
Strange problem with Prism.js syntax highlighting

Hey, since talkyard doesn't support native syntax highlighting I'm trying to set it up with Prism.js. However it works only partially, some code has syntax highlighting, some don't. Attached screenshot shows the problem. I used "Look and feel"/"CSS a...

SupportVV22018-06-25 04:20:24.586Z