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Bulk import from Disqus

I'm migrating over from Disqus to Talkyard, and I have a lot of old comments in Disqus. Fortunately Disqus allow you to export comments, so I'm wondering what the best way to import them into Talkyard would be. Just to be clear on what I'm asking, I ...

IdeasDHM412020-08-08 13:36:48.695Z
Bug in Dropbox video embedding

See the post here: The user has posted a Dropbox link, which gets turned into a video element that is unplayable. In that case, having just the raw link would make it easier to see the video.

IssuesCC22020-08-07 12:07:32.404Z
Feature request: Disable all email notifications temporarily / scheduled

I often end up receiving 50-100 emails from Talkyard every day (or at least it feels that way). This is great because I get an email notification on my phone as soon as a user has sent a reply somewhere that I need to check. However, due to the sheer...

IdeasCC82020-08-07 12:06:06.237Z
Posts that are either liked, marked as solution, or replied to by a Core Member should automatically skip review

Right now, if an admin / core member interacts with a post by a new user, we have to both interact with them and review the content. I would think it makes sense to automatically skip the review task once an interaction has been recorded. Would cut o...

SupportC02020-08-07 12:05:27.170Z
Bug in Permissions?

I'm not quite sure if it's a bug or a if I'm misunderstanding something: There's a permission for "Edit other people's topics" and one for "Edit wiki posts". In my opinion it makes sense that if someone has the "Edit wiki posts" he can edit ALL wikif...

IssuesPP52020-08-07 09:46:42.314Z

Chat about Talkyard and related things. E.g. ask quick questions.

SupportKRL3812020-08-06 13:39:44.266Z
What's missing in Talkyard

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented: Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. ...

SupportDS282020-08-03 18:41:33.606Z
Core members shouldn't be reviewed

We have some core members of the team who will routinely go back and edit older posts. This right now causes them to appear as something an admin then needs to review. This is just busy-work. A core member should be trusted enough so that even edits ...

IssuesCC52020-08-02 20:06:52.077Z
Is it possible to put multiple threads on the same page?

I'm interested in whether it is possible to put multiple threads onto the same page simultaneously. The use case I am exploring for Talkyard involves attempting to achieve something not quite as sophisticated as commenting in a Google doc, but is alo...

SupportT12020-08-02 19:47:05.274Z
Feature consideration: Backlinks

We often have people link to other topics on the forum. It would be helpful that those links would appear on the page of the topic being linked to as well - like, automatic backlinks, ie. "This topic was referenced in XYZ"

IdeasCC62020-07-31 16:27:12.286Z
Explain icons...
Feature request: Statistics

It would be nice to have a central place (I imagine the Admin dashboard) where we could see some simple site-wide statistics, like total number of threads, total number of posts (per month maybe, as a graph, eventually). Here and now just the total n...

SupportC02020-07-31 16:26:50.382Z
Support SAML login via Keycloak

It seems that via Keycloak, you can "add" SAML to Talkyard: (Talkyard probably will not support SAML natively the nearest many years, today is July 2020.) In Talkyard, configure OIDC login with Keycloak as the OIDC identity provider: https://www.keyc...

Ideas02020-07-29 09:13:13.457Z
Adding Tags to Talkyard

Time to add tags to Talkyard? TL;DR: (Too Long page, Didn't want to Read it) In a month? there'll be plain boring ordinary tags in Talkyard. And tag hierarchies, I hope. /TL;DR. Here's how tags could look. With colors (optionally), spaces allowed (op...

Ideas02020-07-21 06:14:56.920Z
Change Owner/Moderator

Is it possible to change the owner/moderator of an account which is serving comments for a blog? We realized that it would be better to have the moderation be done by another individual. Thanks!

SupportDD22020-07-17 11:02:02.739Z
Questions about this software

Hello. I found this app and it looks it could meet my needs. I have a news community, and I discovered, which is software inspired in the old reddit, however, thought promissing it is still lacking in many aspects. My other choice was di...

SupportBC92020-07-16 01:44:11.068Z
French people can get weird usernames

See here for an example:

IssuesCC42020-07-11 11:45:44.444Z
Formatting code in upsert API changes ">" to HTML escaped version thereof ">"

See the script here:

SupportCC22020-07-11 11:43:43.776Z
Email login handling has problem with "." in it

Say I signed up with "", it seems that I can't log in with "", despite they are essentially the same.

SupportI12020-07-09 08:19:51.171Z
Add a rich text editor

Maybe use ProseMirror to build one? It supports both rich text and Markdown, and collaborative editing. Here Atlassian has published an open source editor built on ProseMirror: (found out abou...

IdeasJ22020-07-08 06:38:45.651Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2020

Here's what's next for Talkyard, in no specific order (except for "Sooner" and "Later"). Feedback is welcome; you can add comments below. Old roadmap, from 2018: Sooner: Re-implement tags. Impr...

DevelopmentCRJ82020-07-08 04:38:10.502Z
ERROR: for talkyard_search_1 Cannot start service search

I got an installation error on PVE LXC Ubuntu 20.04 and it looks like the search tool failed to install. Total reclaimed space: 537.4MB 2020-06-30T14:37:51+00:00 upgrade-script: Downloading version v0.6.68-c255d72... (this might take long) Pulling se...

SupportC22020-07-03 15:32:19.985Z
CSS (presumably) issue w/ embedded comments (probably just my mistake, will update if not)

The just the docs theme for jekyll (popular with docs, as I gather) seems to have a css issue with the comments snippet. Exact code at the time:

SupportXX32020-06-29 04:10:28.174Z
How to install Talkyard prod in a subdirectory?

We have an AWS Ubuntu 18.04 2GB RAM server running LAMP and another script in public_html. We need to install TalkYard at: Using the Github instructions, ( is it an Apache virtualhosts ...

SupportN32020-06-22 13:34:05.796Z
Potential bug: Pasting code gives error about having too many links

Hi @KajMagnus See Jon's input here: He can't paste code to our forum. Do you have any idea why it would think that these are links? He also tried pasting the code inside ``` lines to no avail.

SupportCC62020-06-20 20:18:38.796Z
How can I see how much storage is used in the hosted version?

In the hosted version the storage is limited depending on the plan. How can I see how much storage is used in the hosted version?

SupportM22020-06-20 04:59:57.220Z
Changing the colors

How to edit CSS to change the colors, to match your main website / your top header / your blog. Later, there'll be a user interface for this, so you won't need to edit any CSS code. Also, currently, the arrow background is white so if you change the ...

SupportC32020-06-18 06:09:06.938Z
Help choosing a path for shibboleth integration

Talkyard is an amazing piece of software. I'm hoping to use it to help researchers at my university share best practices and help each other with data analysis. You can see an example version of the site at . I'm t...

SupportEE22020-06-09 13:36:17.365Z
Feature request: Search API

I don't remember if we've discussed this elsewhere. As I do remember, we talked about it quite a bit, but it's a very long time ago. We're doing various integrations now, where we try to make it easier for users to find the forum and to use it more. ...

IdeasCC342020-06-09 12:07:37.737Z
Issue with formatting of code when using the upsert API

Hi @KajMagnus We're implementing our "Get Script Help" help panel inside SoundFlow, where a user can click a button to get help with the current script, and it will ask them a few questions before then auto-generating a forum entry for them. You can ...

IssuesCC72020-06-09 09:22:33.881Z
Feature request: New topic type: Article

We've changed the design a bit on our forum and I think we'd like to consider using Talkyard for our documentation (in a way you could say our "How to" category is already documentation-by-support) Here's an example:

IdeasCC42020-06-08 17:43:51.923Z
Topic type 'Link'

I was looking at the topic type function here and I think this is a great feature, but I miss the 'link type' topic. Users sometimes like to share just links, and this type of topic could come very handy. Reddit is built around this feature! [Edit] R...

IdeasIU22020-06-08 17:43:17.825Z
blog comments: configure to require approval before being public

I see this in group-chat: yacax98 @yacax9819 days ago Hello! Could I configure talkyard for accept or not comments before be public? KajMagnus @KajMagnus19 days ago @yacax98 — yes, go here: https:// talkyard site /-/admin/settings/moderation and type...

IdeasS32020-06-05 06:02:38.221Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2018-06-24

Here's what's next for Talkyard — the items are not ordered, except for "soon" and "later". Feedback & change suggestions are welcome; add a comment below. Edit: This roadmap is old. There's a new roadmap here, from 2018-11-26. Now soon Theming. User...

DevelopmentM2D52020-06-05 05:55:01.672Z
Talkyard API authentication

To use non-public parts of the API, you need to generate an API secret: Go to https:// your talkyard site /-/admin/settings/features and click Enable API and save the settings. Now, the API tab appears — go there and generate an API secret. Note that...

DocumentationJ22020-06-04 10:35:37.458Z
Talkyard List API

There's a search API: POST /-/v0/search for full text search, and also an API at: POST /-/v0/list for listing for example the X most popular pages in a category, or the Y most recent posts across the whole forum. This topic is about the List API — wh...

IdeasP72020-06-01 08:39:12.990Z
New language: es_CL

Hello. I have made a spanish translation of Talkyard. I made some choices that you may or may not agree with. For instance "topic" is literally translated "tema", which actually means "subject". This is the most standard translation in other forum ap...

SupportL62020-05-30 20:43:07.372Z
Disable blog comments votes

Hi! I have self-hosted Talkyard. I am using as a comment system in mi blog. I want to disable votes for the comments. In admin area > Look and feel I see options for BLOG COMMENTS: One of that is: Blog post votes May blog readers Like or Disagree vot...

SupportSS22020-05-30 09:50:02.841Z
How to reset admin password?

I forgot my admin password. Is there a way for me to reset it via Postgres or something? I had not configured the email server so the forgot password doesn't work.

SupportN42020-05-30 07:52:10.742Z
Make it possible to re-configure Talkyard to be for blog comment only

[Edit by admin] I changed the title from "How can I configure and use as blog comment system only?", and changed topic type to Idea, instead of a question. Original question below. [/Edit] Is there any documentation? I dont know where is de developer...

IdeasSBS82020-05-29 17:41:47.436Z
Feature request: "Ask Question" on /categories page

We quite often have users who never find the "Ask Question" button. I guess they stay on the front page of the forum (the /categories view for us). Would it be possible to have the "Ask Question" button in the place where the forum admin currently ha...

IdeasCC152020-05-29 12:00:32.293Z