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I have an issue in creation of test site

IssuesI22020-03-31 04:02:06.465Z
Feature consideration: Backlinks

We often have people link to other topics on the forum. It would be helpful that those links would appear on the page of the topic being linked to as well - like, automatic backlinks, ie. "This topic was referenced in XYZ"

IdeasC22020-03-30 05:37:21.822Z
Features that support discussing student solutions of exercises in talkyard

Recently (because of the corona crisis) I tried using talkyard for discussing student solutions with other students of a course. A student posts his solution as "idea" and other students and the teacher/lecturer can comment as well. However it would ...

IdeasM12020-03-28 22:08:11.707Z
Potential UX improvements

With the growing success of our product, and since we use Talkyard for (almost) all customer support, I find myself spending more and more time on the forum. Often, my task will be: Check my new/unread notifications. Open tabs for each new notificati...

IssuesC112020-03-27 16:11:06.788Z
Consider making likes more visible

When I like something myself, it's very visible thanks to the red heart. But if somebody else likes my post, 99% of the time I don't realize it, since I don't get notified about it and it visually is pretty dimmed. Perhaps once the notification syste...

IdeasC12020-03-25 14:45:25.119Z
What are the largest sites using Talkyard's blog commenting system?

Hey would be great to see some examples in our evaluation process for implementing a commenting system on a top 5k site in the world.

SupportS12020-03-23 07:05:41.333Z
Bleve - Alternative to Elastic?

Hi, I was reading through some of the docs and was already aware of the runtime requirements of the JVM; I saw that Toshi was mentioned as an alternative to Elasticsearch which is using much of the resources, but I see it's not regarded as production...

DevelopmentSF62020-03-20 15:00:49.461Z
How can I see how much storage is used in the hosted version?

In the hosted version the storage is limited depending on the plan. How can I see how much storage is used in the hosted version?

SupportM12020-03-18 18:27:54.778Z
User reputation?

What is the status of the user reputation system? Do user earn reputation like on Stack Exchange? I've been looking around for a few minutes and I don't see anything that would indicate a full reputation system is implemented, although I saw some dis...

SupportDMD122020-03-17 18:47:09.580Z
Sort answers by activity

How can I sort answers by activity (newest first or oldest first) (as for example in stackexchange)?

SupportM12020-03-17 12:00:12.949Z
Explain icons...
Make mathjax work in abstracts of questions

I activated mathjax for questions and answers by adding the following lines to the Scripts HTML Section in the Admin Panel: <script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({ tex2jax: { inlineMath: [ ['$','$'], ["\\(","\\)"] ], ...

SupportMM22020-03-14 23:43:44.681Z
Private Sites

How can I make a complete site visible only to members?

SupportM12020-03-14 22:54:00.980Z
Add OAUTH Provider - SQRL

Run by Jose C Gomez - - is an OAUTH provider based on the SQRL protocol: Other sites that have used this service include More about SQRL - SQRL help ...

IdeasM12020-03-10 08:42:26.095Z
Error 404 Profile Page

Hello, Just updated to the latest Version. When I go the Profile Page I get an 404 Error. {"severity":"DEBUG","message":"API request result exception [EsE4K2J2]: Status 404: 404 Not Found\nUser not found [EsEZ6F0U], site SiteBrief(1,3xdn8p4r8j,Some(c...

SupportHH72020-03-03 16:59:41.276Z
Multilanguage support: lead language & automatic translation

Hi @KajMagnus, I know that this is somewhat over the top at the moment. But I am wondering if you ever thought about merging different languages on one platform via automatic translation. DeepL does an amazing job ... unfortunatly the API is not avai...

IdeasM42020-03-01 20:51:08.411Z
Export from hosted version to self-hosted version?

I'm considering installing and hosting Talkyard on my own server so I can have a more user-friendly email when people interact with Talkyard. I'm using the hosted version now, and would want to export all of my current data so I could move it to a lo...

SupportH212020-03-01 19:58:17.353Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2018-11-26

New roadmap, year 2020, here: OLD roadmap below: Here's what's what Was next for Talkyard. Feedback & change suggestions are welcome; you can add a comment below. If you compare with the previous roa...

DevelopmentDIS102020-03-01 08:10:09.726Z
Improvements for Teachers and Students

Here're things schools and teachers have asked about and that I have in mind to implement: "create invite links [not emails, but URL links] that already have the group memberships defined. That way a student just uses the link and auto-enrolled into ...

Ideas02020-03-01 07:42:08.097Z
How to grant access to comments only from paid members?

I have an static Website and I want to charge a fee to those who want to comment on pages (as most newspaper are doing). How can I do this with Talkyard? Example: You enter to a page and you see the comments from other people, if you want to comment,...

SupportA52020-02-27 08:31:57.224Z
Changing the colors

How to edit CSS to change the colors, to match your main website / your top header / your blog. Later, there'll be a user interface for this, so you won't need to edit any CSS code. Also, currently, the arrow background is white so if you change the ...

SupportC32020-02-26 18:42:06.274Z
How to install talkyard locally on windows device?

How to install talkyard locally on windows device?

SupportS212020-02-26 15:33:07.530Z
Mailer test address logic broken

This logic in Mailer.scala is broken: - val isTestAddress = emailToSend.sentTo.endsWith("") || emailToSend.sentTo.endsWith("") || emailToSend.sentTo.endsWith("")` This will mean emails won't be sent to a ton of domains, e....

IssuesG32020-02-25 13:59:03.244Z
Custom login form

Is there a way to customize the sign-up form (e.g. Custom questions/challenges that the user must answer correctly to be accepted) ? Use: a forum seeking to attract people with specific skills or interest might want to make sure a user is suitable be...

SupportFF42020-02-24 04:15:40.337Z
Bug: Clicking "Home" in a private thread redirects to weird /test homepage

This is weird...

IssuesCC42020-02-23 21:48:13.804Z
Hiding revision history

Tried searching this but didn't find a topic about it. Is there a way to hide revision history? [e.g. a social forum where someone writes something embarrassing, or accidentally posts private information, but he doesnt wan't to lose the upvotes etc. ...

IssuesF22020-02-23 14:41:39.886Z
Bug in upsertSimple API

I get this error sometimes when trying to insert pages - but I'm not specifying the slug - Talkyard is producing it. "Invalid values, or combinations of values, in the uploaded json: Slug too long, length: 183, max: 100"

IssuesCC92020-02-22 05:53:29.603Z
User Badges

Sorry for all the questions in one shot... I'm seriously considering talkyard since it literally combines neatly the best features from all the other forum platforms. Is there any way to add user badges next to the username, e.g. near the admin, for ...

IdeasF12020-02-18 13:06:38.490Z
Bug: Bad post nr read when liking certain posts

I am not allowed to like this post: I noticed this in other places too, recently.

SupportC42020-02-18 04:56:51.904Z
New draft UI

I'm seeing more instances lately of drafts that shouldn't be there. I think the issue is that they were probably always incorrectly saved when actually they shouldn't have (since I had sent that message). But now that the drafts are more visual, it b...

SupportC72020-02-18 03:12:01.619Z
Feature request: Ability to turn off the "progress" section for our forum

The ability to answer to threads in the sequential "progress" format at the end is not working very well with our user base. I think it works well when people posting are mostly educated to use the forum but in our case it just causes a lot of confus...

SupportC52020-02-06 20:03:06.299Z
Filesize limitations to uploads

Idea/suggestion: Allow integration with third party storage services such as Azure Blobstorage, AWS or GCP. Or, have tiers we can opt into that allows customers to upload larger files. Right now we're having issues with customers who cannot upload sc...

SupportC232020-02-05 18:59:18.973Z

Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

SupportNT102020-02-04 22:19:47.008Z
Unable to use port 433

Hi! I work in a very closed intranet enviroment and I have just a one server avaliable to use I don't use AWS or anything like and unfortally I can't ask for more server to just only one small aplicattion. :( So here I use Nginx with multi applicatio...

SupportF22020-02-04 14:48:50.705Z
Talkyard setup in Docker Container

Hello, I tried to setup talkyard on my Server. I used the official documentation on GitHub. The Container starts and running fine, but I think I have a wrong Nginx setup. I can access but not https://comments.das...

SupportHF202020-01-31 17:55:03.677Z
Potential bug: Pasting code gives error about having too many links

Hi @KajMagnus See Jon's input here: He can't paste code to our forum. Do you have any idea why it would think that these are links? He also tried pasting the code inside ``` lines to no avail.

SupportC22020-01-25 13:21:44.669Z
Post creation (upsert) API

Hi @KajMagnus. Thank you again for all your help designing & implementing the upsert API for categories. Our users are so happy with this feature :) I have another request in the same general area. We're building a feedback integration inside SoundFl...

IdeasCC322020-01-01 23:49:49.298Z
Bulk import from Disqus

I'm migrating over from Disqus to Talkyard, and I have a lot of old comments in Disqus. Fortunately Disqus allow you to export comments, so I'm wondering what the best way to import them into Talkyard would be. Just to be clear on what I'm asking, I ...

IdeasDH382019-12-30 18:05:11.689Z
Use cases for team collaboration

As you know, @KajMagnus, I LOVE talkyard. We are starting a new development project internally that I'd love to host our collaboration chats, discussions and work items on TY (instead of Slack). This caused me to think that this could be a really via...

SupportCC42019-12-27 20:27:32.862Z
Showing and changing blog comments discussionId and URL

@KajMagnus for those posts prior to my setting up a discussionId parameter to make their comments portable, is there a way in the Admin view I can see an ID and then retroactively apply it to those older posts? Am doing some transitioning and hate to...

Ideas122019-12-20 01:46:38.919Z
Nuxt integration

Hi, I'm trying to integrate Talkyard comments into a Nuxt app but get the following errors: [Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' (anonymous function) ( [Error] Refused to load

SupportMM32019-12-11 15:49:18.555Z