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SupportKADD5032021-03-31 17:09:22.223Z
Why does TalkYard's robot.txt exclude user profile pages?

I got an email from Google Search warning me that they're indexing pages that are disallowed by robots.txt (weird that they're ignoring the robots.txt, but anyway...). I checked it out, and it looks like they're user profile pages: I can see that my ...

Support02021-04-11 05:43:53.931Z
Problems starting rdb container - could not open configuration file "/var/lib/postgresql/conf/postgresql.conf"

So I was following and when starting my rdb container dies with: rdb_1 | 2021-03-11 18:56:34.606 GMT [1] LOG: could not open configuration file "/var/lib/postgresql/conf/postgresql.conf": No such file ...

IssuesMZ42021-04-10 05:20:08.594Z
Error in the personal data export JSON

When exporting personal data from the Preferences page, the downloaded JSON begins with a spurious line containing: )]}',

Issues22021-04-09 12:03:58.856Z
Using firewalld instead of ufw

I think that docker doesn't play well with ufw. It supports firewalld instead.

IssuesD32021-04-04 15:36:07.789Z
Talkyard hosted comments and GDPR, CCPA

I singed up for the Almost Free plan for hosting comments a new programming blog. I am not using Google Analytics and wondered if the Talkyard hosting in is GDPR compliant and hopefull if also compliant with CCPA laws in the state of California. Any ...

SupportG12021-04-04 06:35:44.240Z
How to load comments dynamically on a JS app?

I have an app whose content is updated with JS (AJAX). I would like the comments to be updated too when the content is updated. First of all, I can use a data-discussion-id to specify the comments that should be loaded. But I don't see how to refresh...

SupportD12021-04-04 00:06:13.418Z
Use 'stable' tag for Docker images

Sorry, for writing in the forum. I would prefer to open an issue on GitHub, but they are disabled for your project. I see that in docker-compose.yml you use heavily ${VERSION_TAG}, for example

IdeasD32021-03-31 14:26:40.782Z
Using static IP addresses?

Using static IP addresses for the containers seems suspicious and unnecessary: I don't see why you can't use service names or aliases:

IdeasD32021-03-31 14:19:10.308Z
Can you disable the "Some disagree with this" feature?

I've used forums like Reddit for ages.. before that, Digg. The hivemind effect is cancer. The "some disagree with this" feature is not a feature I want, because I feel that it hinders discussion and influences perception more than it should. Can this...

SupportL12021-03-29 14:42:50.505Z
Explain icons...
How to delete your own personal data (GDPR)

Alternative 1 (This, alternative 1, is not yet implemented.) If you'd just want to get dis-associated with some specific posts of yours, then, go to those posts, and, in the ☰ dropdown below each such post, click Toggle anonymous .... Then, change th...

How To02021-03-26 06:18:42.377Z
Image Post - Error 403 Forbidden: Not logged in [TyE0LGDIN_]

I get the error Error 403 Forbidden: Not logged in [TyE0LGDIN_] when trying to add an image to a comment. I am logged in and successfully post text. Is there a way to fix this?

IssuesA72021-03-26 03:50:31.425Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2021

Here's what seems to be next for Talkyard. in no specific order (except for the headings "Sooner", "Later" etc). Feedback is welcome; you can add comments below. Old roadmap: Talkyard Roadmap 2020. Sooner: Make it possible to translate emails. — done...

Development02021-03-22 20:56:03.524Z
Is there any API documentation?

I have successfully created an API key, but I can't find any documentation of the API, even a list of what endpoints are available. Where should I be looking?

SupportTBS102021-03-22 20:53:30.827Z
Issues with @media print stylesheet

The avatars look atrocious in print. The biggest issue is the a[href]::after { content: " (" attr(href) ")"; } rule. Could we get a display: none for avatars and/or get the above rule limited to only the text of the comment? Speaking of print media,...

IssuesM72021-03-18 13:29:52.032Z
Read API

An API which allows you to read information about one or more disscusionid's. I want it because I need to get the comment count on each of my blog cards. So before they opened the post, so people have an idea how much discussion is going on. If I tak...

IdeasS52021-03-18 13:20:23.718Z
HIGH PRIORITY: Can't create categories

I was hoping to create a category this morning to be able to share with all of our users, but the forum creates an error. Last time this happened you just upped the limit, but this seems like a really bad way to fix it. Please fix this asap, since it...

IssuesCC112021-03-17 12:03:06.399Z
eMail verification needed also after Facebook and Twitter authentication

I'm configuring logins with Facebook, Twitter and Google for my commenting server. After configuring the logins I did a test with all 3 providers. All went smooth up to a point where Talkyard told me to verify my email address when I log in with Face...

IdeasM42021-03-16 20:43:29.282Z
German translation done

Hi @KajMagnus you seem to be the master of desaster when it comes to translations ;-) I think Talkyard is the best solution for adding comments to websites done with Ghost, thank you for sharing this great project. Unfortunately I need it in German f...

DevelopmentM62021-03-16 04:01:20.531Z
Comment section being equal to a forum

Hello guys, Hard to title this so let me explain ;) I'm starting a podcast company, and I want that every episode has a comment section, and that this comment section to be a thread of my forum ! So, my community can comment directly from the comment...

SupportL12021-03-14 18:26:07.880Z
Can I find free Talkyard hosting?

I am tring to create a talkyard erver online. I do not have accses to any hardware. Are their any online tools that I could use to host it for free?

SupportB12021-03-12 17:53:57.498Z
Line edits & quote backlinks

Continuing this conversation with @KajMagnus on listeners for page loading. By the time I'm done with a day's programming at my job, most of my coding energy has been sapped, and I end up code a bit quick and dirty, so the script isn't elegant, but t...

IdeasS12021-03-12 04:20:01.457Z
Make it possible to translate emails

Currently Talkyard's user interface can be translated to other languages — need to make email translatable too (incl email subject line I suppose).

Issues52021-03-12 03:41:07.778Z
Problems with Nginx in Prod

Nginx after a config change (new HTTPS cert) suddenly wants 100% CPU, investigating.

Support12021-03-04 15:11:55.534Z
Search for users in the search field?

It's really often that I need to find the latest posts (or a specific post from the past) made by a specific user. Currently, it doesn't look like the Elasticsearch index takes users' fullnames or usernames into account. It would be amazing if it wer...

IdeasC12021-03-04 10:22:26.912Z
API: Being able to fetch Topics based on answered state

Hi I would really like this feature, I think it can be really useful to other people as well. Background to explain the use case: We have a slack workspace filled with students and would like to make a bot that can notify students each morning of una...

IdeasJ242021-03-04 06:52:26.151Z
Solved problems have wrong icons on lists

Check this thread: It's a Problem type thread: And it's marked as solved: But out in the list it doesn't appear as solved:

IssuesCC112021-03-04 05:55:32.900Z
"Not found" on forum link previews too often

Hi Magnus, If you take a look at this: Quoting a search on the forum shows "Not found". Just like it does for items it can't have access to. It would be better IMO if it didn't say "Not found". Just show the l...

IssuesC32021-02-28 20:29:47.730Z
Forum is down (edit: discussion about downtime and update design)

Our site is down!

IssuesCC152021-02-26 18:03:28.995Z
Retina screenshots are double in size

Hi @KajMagnus Take a look at something like this page: I copy-pasted a screenshot on the Mac directly into the forum, but the screenshot appears as double the size. This is because the screenshot is coming fro...

IssuesC22021-02-23 10:56:22.076Z

Ty is open source, but is it "open for contributions"? There's not much documentation for prospective contributors, besides CONTRIBUTING.adoc, and Issues are disabled in GitHub. If I wanted to pick something up, how would one do that? (And I can see ...

DevelopmentN22021-02-22 20:23:34.491Z
What's missing in Talkyard

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented: Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. ...

SupportWDF362021-02-22 19:45:57.131Z
Is there a way to detect page loaded event when navigating topics

I have a custom JS code that adds a link text when a page is loaded. On full page load, I can listen to the DOMContentLoaded event, but when it comes to navigating, none of the browser history events is fired therefore I need to listen to all clicks ...

IssuesSSS72021-02-22 19:20:26.343Z
Different category per site for embedded comments

When using Talkyard for embedded comments from multiple sites it would be much more clearly layed out if for each website an own category would be automatically created. i.e.: Comments from the site "" should create a category "

IdeasM52021-02-18 15:27:54.874Z
How to run a Talkyard for embedded comments only (disable forum features)

Hi, I want to set up a Talkyard instance for handling embedded comments for my websites only. There is a feature flag in Admin -> Settings -> Features -> Enable discussion forum which can't be disabled once activated. I would like to disable this for...

SupportM32021-02-18 15:21:15.151Z
Has anyone a docker compose file installation

Has anyone a docker compose file installation

Support12021-02-18 15:13:28.532Z
How to enable OIDC login

Talkyard supports login with OpenID Connect (OIDC), including via Keycloak and Microsoft Azure AD. — Not yet well tested though, and the UI is a bit coarse; feedback is welcome. Here's how to enable OIDC login: Prerequisites A Talkyard site, you have...

How To12021-02-14 17:30:07.027Z
Feature consideration: Backlinks

We often have people link to other topics on the forum. It would be helpful that those links would appear on the page of the topic being linked to as well - like, automatic backlinks, ie. "This topic was referenced in XYZ"

IdeasCG112021-02-14 14:10:33.959Z
Feature request: Polls

How do we feel about polls? Reddit and Discourse support them, so...they might be a useful feature here. Personally I'd like to run a simple single-choice poll that closes after a fixed amount of time that registered users can vote on and discuss.

IdeasN12021-02-14 11:06:47.382Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2020

Go here instead: Talkyard Roadmap 2021 Old roadmap, from 2020, below: Here's what's next for Talkyard, in no specific order (except for "Sooner" and "Later"). Feedback is welcome; you can add comments below. Old roadmap, from 2018: Talkyard Roadmap 2...

DevelopmentJOE172021-02-14 10:40:20.396Z