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Paste to Upload

Currently a user must save/upload an image into Talkyard for it to be displayed. In things like DokuWiki and Bookstack there is the option to paste the contents of the clipboard and upload it immediately. Can this be implemented or a similar solution...

IdeasCJPC122020-11-23 09:49:55.756Z
Feature request: Keyboard shortcuts

It would be great if we could do things we do often via keyboard shortcuts. For example: Cmd+Enter: Post question. C: Compose new question R: Reply E: Archive (mark closed for example) J/K: Next/previous (between threads or between posts in pages) N:...

IdeasC42020-11-23 09:35:29.310Z
Look and feel as code

Is there any mechanism to specify the Talkyard look and feel (specifically the custom CSS and JS) through code/configuration? For reference, I am deploying Talkyard to AWS through Terraform and Ansible and would like to capture our syntax highlightin...

SupportJ32020-11-21 12:40:27.362Z

Chat about Talkyard and related things. E.g. ask quick questions.

SupportKAD4342020-11-19 18:31:22.709Z
Where to add custom CSS

Hello, first of all, I want to say thank you. I have searched all day for a comment system that can be integrated with Gatsby, that is not as bloated as something like Disqus, looks decent, has nested comment functionality, and does not start at 10€+...

SupportBF62020-11-18 19:03:28.763Z
Users unable to sign in

Hi, For some reason, new users are unable to sign in this morning. They get this error: Error 403 Forbidden Participant 118 may not see page 39 [TyE305KDJW2] When I look at the app logs, this is what occurs: app_1 | DEBUG API request exception: Resul...

IssuesPP52020-11-17 14:49:52.898Z
Changing the colors

How to edit CSS to change the colors, to match your main website / your top header / your blog. Later, there'll be a user interface for this, so you won't need to edit any CSS code. Also, currently, the arrow background is white so if you change the ...

SupportCFR102020-11-14 14:31:45.209Z
Server recommendation for 100 users

What server configuration would you recommend for 100 users?

SupportPP62020-11-11 19:43:28.323Z
Notification drop down - reduce clicks?

Hi Magnus, Now that we have global preferences for notifications for topics we have participated in - YAY!!! - I find myself wanting to often quickly switch off notifications from a thread. This may sound like the opposite of before - in fact, it's t...

SupportCC42020-11-10 10:21:22.305Z
Markdown: strikethrough

Does Talkyard support ~~ strikethrough ~~? It doesn't seem to work with ~~: strikethrough Thanks!

IssuesPP22020-11-04 16:06:27.888Z
Explain icons...
SSL Certificate generation on hosted version

Hello ! We just subscribed to hosted plan. We add a CNAME to our hosted talkyard, but the certificate is not up to date. I read you are using Let's Encrypt to generate a certificate, so maybe it takes some time ? Current custom domain: https://commun...

SupportII22020-11-03 21:49:52.535Z
Server error when trying to get zxcvbn.js

I'm setting up Talkyard in Azure. So far, only http to test it. When I click continue I get: Has the server stopped? Or did you just get disconnected from the Internet? Or is the hostname or port number wrong, cross-origin request blocked? [TyE0SRVR]...

SupportPP52020-11-02 16:33:41.509Z
Styling login and wrapper; payment details

Hey, it's me again. I have managed to style almost everything that I wanted to style with the exception of the comments-wrapper, which appears grey: It seems this div has its style set inline and I was not able to change its style so I wanted to ask ...

SupportBB42020-11-02 15:38:35.404Z
Staff badge (and potentially other badges)

Would it be possible to consider a feature in which Staff members could have badges / icons next to them? In our case, so far I've been using our company logo as my profile picture on the forum. But now we're starting to add more Staff members, so we...

IdeasCC32020-10-31 11:41:00.702Z
Forum link embeds always show the title of the page, not the linked-to post

If for example I want to link a user directly to a post inside a page, then the embed still shows the name and summary of the page, not the post. See example:

IssuesC12020-10-31 08:41:00.097Z
Notification settings for threads

Hi @KajMagnus Apologies, I can't seem to find the thread we were discussing this in. The default notification setting for threads in which only direct replies will give a notification is causing me to miss an increasing amount of important replies fr...

IssuesCC62020-10-27 12:28:20.505Z
Possible to have rules around closed/solved threads?

As our community is growing, I've had to disable getting notifications on all posts to existing threads. There's a problem though with the way notifications work on structured threads, in that I'll only receive a notification if the user tags me or r...

IdeasCC62020-10-26 15:24:34.291Z
User reputation?

What is the status of the user reputation system? Do user earn reputation like on Stack Exchange? I've been looking around for a few minutes and I don't see anything that would indicate a full reputation system is implemented, although I saw some dis...

SupportDMK152020-10-26 08:42:54.368Z
Embedding Facebook live links causes error

See this post for an example where the embedding doesn't work: In this case, it would be better if the error message was not displayed (and obviously, even better if the embedding worked to show a thumbnail)

IssuesC12020-10-25 12:19:46.750Z
Dark mode fix?

Hey, it's me again. So I setup TalkYard on my Website and it works really well. I added the dark style-css you posted here: Changing the colors How to edit CSS to change the colors, to match your main website / your top header / your blog. Later, the...

IssuesB62020-10-22 11:04:27.582Z
How to grant "Staff" permission so users can make Info pages

I've granted the user Kitch (in the SoundFlow forum) moderator role, because that feels like how I would make him a Staff member. But when he clicks the "More" button to try to make an info page, it just disappears, the ability to make an Info page d...

IssuesCC62020-10-11 16:05:22.447Z
Export to native WordPress comments

Hello, Is there a way to export the comments to the native WordPress comments?

SupportHH42020-10-09 06:38:31.493Z
Trying to rename category gives error.

Tried to rename a sub category (Counter Offset) and got this: Something went wrong: [DwE500REX] java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot save 2 permissions, would result in 308 permissions in total, but 200 is max [TyEMNYPERMS] at com.debiki.core.Prelude...

IssuesCC62020-10-07 18:11:55.435Z
Email notifications / threads

I used to just have a single thread in my Gmail with the new stuff that had happened in Talkyard. Now I have 5. This is definitely not an improvement, it creates much more noise that isn't useful. Can it maybe be an option so that we can select/elect...

IssuesCC32020-09-27 16:51:13.763Z
Add categories and default chat channel in sidebar

Coming from Slack, the left-hand sidebar seems very under-used and makes Talkyard hard to navigate in comparison. I think two changes would really help: List categories in sidebar. This would make it easy to see what categories there are and also mak...

IdeasH12020-09-26 08:49:01.835Z
Posts that are either liked, marked as solution, or replied to by a Core Member should automatically skip review

Right now, if an admin / core member interacts with a post by a new user, we have to both interact with them and review the content. I would think it makes sense to automatically skip the review task once an interaction has been recorded. Would cut o...

IdeasC52020-09-26 08:41:14.677Z
Consider making likes more visible

When I like something myself, it's very visible thanks to the red heart. But if somebody else likes my post, 99% of the time I don't realize it, since I don't get notified about it and it visually is pretty dimmed. Perhaps once the notification syste...

IdeasCC42020-09-25 20:57:54.626Z
Request Entity is Too Large

We still have quite a few users who can't share screenshots on our forum. It makes a lot of bug hunting incredibly difficult. I guess it's because they have retina screens or something like that, which makes the images big. Would it be possible to: H...

IssuesCC32020-09-25 20:57:33.301Z
What's missing in Talkyard

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented: Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. ...

SupportDFS332020-09-22 14:53:29.534Z
Bug in Dropbox video embedding

See the post here: The user has posted a Dropbox link, which gets turned into a video element that is unplayable. In that case, having just the raw link would make it easier to see the video.

IssuesCNC82020-09-15 10:17:23.536Z
Feature consideration: Backlinks

We often have people link to other topics on the forum. It would be helpful that those links would appear on the page of the topic being linked to as well - like, automatic backlinks, ie. "This topic was referenced in XYZ"

IdeasCC92020-09-09 17:09:15.294Z
Drafts are lost when clicking Resume editing

I finally had a draft I actually wanted to edit... But then I clicked Resume editing and it was lost. It was in this thread:

IssuesC02020-09-09 17:05:47.658Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2020

Here's what's next for Talkyard, in no specific order (except for "Sooner" and "Later"). Feedback is welcome; you can add comments below. Old roadmap, from 2018: Sooner: Re-implement tags. Impr...

DevelopmentJOSE132020-09-06 15:57:24.876Z
Are other languages than English supported?

Original title: А есть ли поддержка другого языка? проверка поддержки нескольких языков (не обращайте внимание ) — That means sth like: "check for multi-language support (ignore)" Edited by KajMagnus: I renamed the title to English, and added the abo...

SupportV32020-09-06 09:24:53.091Z
Centos compatibility

Excuse my ignorance, but I am new to Linux and am wanting to install talkyard in an old machine I found to play around with the setup. Is it compatible with centos 5? I can probably upgrade to 6 as a side project, but want to make sure what I’m getti...

SupportD12020-09-04 06:31:16.805Z
In Hugo demo, comment count increases even when cancel a post

Hi, I'm playing with Talkyard using the Hugo instructions at I'm using localhost to view my blog posts. When I click Reply to a post, the displayed count of comments is incremented; if I canc...

IssuesG12020-09-02 05:59:59.423Z
How to fix sameSite cookie issue

On my gatsby static site, the comments iframe appears in my local environment but when deployed I get the error: "Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy direct...

SupportM12020-09-01 02:33:38.374Z
Pointing Talkyard to a GitLab oauth 2 authentication provider

Hi, I've been trying to set up an on-prem, airgapped Talkyard instance, and wanted to leverage the oauth2 provider feature on our on-prem GitLab instance. I tried to read through this documentation as a reference:

SupportBB82020-08-24 17:32:21.044Z
Center the Talkyard Commentbox

Hello, is it possible to center the Commentbox on Ghost CMS. on Mobileview it looks good, but on Desktop is it on the left Site at the Page.

SupportHH22020-08-22 11:16:35.057Z