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Valid if you signed up between 2019-09-17 and 2020-02-06, but not after that.


Discounts for non-profits and development countries


€ 3 / month


€15 / month


€75 / month


€300 / month

30 new topics per month

2 staff users

Unlimited members

30k page views

0.3G storage

150 new topics per month

2 staff users

Unlimited members

50k page views

1G storage

Unlimited topics

5 staff users

Unlimited members

100k page views

3G storage

Unlimited topics

15 staff users

Unlimited members

500k page views

15G storage

Free trial

Free trial

Free trial

Free trial

Prices are excluding VAT.


  • Up to 67% for developing countries, e.g. €5 instead of €15. Min €3.

  • Not for profit? Go here instead. — E.g. non-profits, non-commercial schools, open source, hobbyists.

Go over the limits — it's fine

We'll contact you and tell you it's time to upgrade to the next price plan.
Then you can do that, when you have time, within two months.

Stop paying at any time

... without contacting us. We'd appreciate if you contact us though and tell us why you cancel .

Free trial

One month.

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Old plans

You can use these price plans instead, if you signed up before 2019-08-26.
And these, if you signed up between 2019-08-26 and 2019-09-16.