No internet connection

Plans: Not for profit


Select not for profit plan:


€12  €6 / month
per admin or moderator
up to max 3

Discounts, see below.

Not small

€24  €12 / month
per admin or moderator
up to max 15

Discounts, see below.

Free trial

Free trial

Send us feedback about the plans and pricing. How do they work for your use case?


  • Developing countries: up to 50%, e.g. €3 instead of €6.

Pricing details

Free trial two months.

Each €12 you pay adds:

  • 50 000 monthly page views or more, if the servers have spare capacity

  • 2GB storage

  • 2 000 monthly private replies (chat messages and topics and replies, visible only to community members)


  • Unlimited public members and replies

  • Daily backups

  • Global CDN

  • Custom domain


  • Single Sign-On via API

  • An API for your chat bots etc (not implemented)

  • Integrates with everything, via Zapier (not implemented)

Enterprise Login

Later, there'll be business login: Active Directory, SAML, Okta, etcetera. €3 per user and month.