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Who are you?

Use Talkyard for what?

Your company: Customer support

Answer your customers' questions, and let them help each other — this creates a self building knowledge base, reducing support load.

Your company: Internal support

Create a self-building knowledge base for your colleagues and their frequent questions. Discuss ideas and meeting notes.

Read more here: Question-Answers for your Teams

Teachers and students

  • Create a place where the students can ask questions, and help each other. You can help them too, and post information.
  • They'll see answers to questions other students had; this avoids repeated questions about the same thing.
  • Add a chat, for quick informal questions and status updates.

A non-profit

  • Create a self-building FAQ for your volunteers and their questions. E.g. related to new volunteer onboarding.
  • Discuss ways to make your non-profit more effective.
  • Give everyone insight in what's going on in different groups in the non-profit.
  • Make it easy to reach the right people in groups other than one's own (just post to the relevant group, no need to know exactly who to contact or their email addresses).

A blog

Embed Talkyard Blog Comments below your blog articles, and listen to your readers' thoughts.

Read more here: Meet your blog visitors

An open source project

See: Question-Answers for your Open Source project

Something else

Organizations and projects in general, need a place to talk and asking questions? Maybe you too, although we haven't yet written about your use case, above.