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Email us at kajmagnus at

We're remote-first. You can work part time. All jobs are freelancer / independent contractor jobs.

If you'd like to work with:

  • Software engineering
  • Customer support
  • Technical writing
  • Content review/moderation
  • Marketing
  • Sales

you're welcome to tell us about that, and we'll remember you and get back to you. We aren't planning to hire people the nearest time.

Relevant reading

Meanwhile, what about some book tips?

Tips to everyone: (no matter what you'd work with)

  • Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less
  • The Great CEO Within
  • Never Split the Difference
  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age

Product design, UX, software:

  • Don't Make me Think
  • The Mom Test


The positions

Software Engineering

What you'd do: Designing software solutions. Writing source code, incl automated tests, documentation. Code review, collaborating with other SE:s and other teams.

If you send us an intro about you, and what you like working with, we'll send you some code review problems and other quick tests. Thereafter, we'd send even more code review problems and other questions and problems — and what about a paid work sample test (that takes maybe a day)?

All this might take weeks or months — since we're not looking to hire you right now, we might be slow with replying.

When writing to us, please base64 encode your name, email address and locations, so that we can start chatting with you, and review your code review submission etc, without knowing who you are and such things. Please Base64 encode your name etc both in emails, and in any cover letter or resume/CV you might include. (Or if you don't want to edit (and re-generate?) a cover letter or resume/CV, just to encode your name, please tell us in the email that your name therein is unencoded?)

But what about your email address? (It might show your name.) Hmm. In the future, maybe we'll have a way for you to message us, without using any email address. (In addition to that, we could use cryptography and signatures, if you want to know that we cannot decode your name "too soon".)

You can use the web browser built in function btoa. Let's say your name is Maja Gräddnos, then, hit CRTL+Shift+J in Chrome, to open the Dev Tools console, and call btoa:

btoa("Maja Gräddnos")
// To decode: atob('TWFqYSBHcuRkZG5vcw==')

Technologies we use:

  • Typescript, React.js,
  • Scala, Play Framework.
  • OpenResty (Nginx), Lua.
  • PostgreSQL, with lots of foreign keys, constraints, custom datatypes.
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Rust (just a tiny bit, more in the future)

React.js and Scala are the more important ones currently. If you know any of Java/C#/C++/Rust/Haskell/something, then, maybe it wouldn't be that hard for you to pick up Scala. We write fairly up-in-the-clouds, no I mean down-to-earth, Scala code.

This job also includes helping the Customer Support people, when there are things they don't know how it works. (And in the beginning, maybe they'll help you instead.) — Maybe you'd do customer support, a day each month, so you'll better understand the needs and frustrations of those who use Ty, so you'll better know what to prioritize?

We would currently not pay competitive rates if you live in high living cost places, e.g. New York or San Francisco.

Customer Support

Maybe you'd like this job, if you like helping and interacting with people (in this case, mostly in text), and you easily learn new things (Talkyard). And if you like trying to understand others and their goals — both individuals and their organizations.

This job also includes collaborating with the developers and technical writers, so they'll better know what problems to fix, and what missing docs to write.

Advanced Support / Technical Writer

For this, you need web dev knowledge (e.g. HTML, CSS), sysadmin skills, e.g. you can install things on a Linux server and you don't get forever confused by reading about Nix-shell. And you know what it means if Nginx replies 502 Bad Gateway plus something about the app server not replying on port NNNN, and ssh -L 8080: ... and socat aren't confusing.

Content reviewer

When people create new publicly visible communities, we should have a look and check that they don't violate the Acceptable Use policy. — Would you like to help us with this?

You'd need a good judgement, liking humans, being good at English and one or more other languages (so many languages there are, thousands!). If you contact us, maybe for now we'd reply just "Hi, thanks, bye for now" — and, we'd remember which languages you speak, and we'd contact you some years later.

Email us at kajmagnus at