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Team Chat Internally

Create private chat channels for your staff. Or a public support chat?

Blog Comments

Use Talkyard for embedded blog comments. Your members can post comments via the accounts they already have. More info here.

Shape your Community

Custom branding: Change colors and the top navigation bar to match your main website. Use Like and Unwanted votes to encourage good behavior and staying on-topic. Work in progress.

Free and Open Source

Install Talkyard on your server. Automatic software updates. Single Sign-On and API. One installation can host many communities.

List unsolved questions

So everyone gets help,
      and can continue what they were doing.

Gather ideas. Sort by popularity

Make well-informed decisions about what to change / improve.

Better decisions

Find the good answers — they rise to the top.

Avoid mistakes

You'll see if others disagree with a suggestion / comment — then, read the replies, to find out what the problem is.

Mobile friendly

Easily navigate large discussions, also on mobile: Click to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to continue reading.

Start a community for:

Your non-profit. Talk with those you help, and your volunteers.

Your students. Answer their questions. Let them help each other.

Your open source project. Q&A. Discuss future features.

Anything. Relationships / your school / games / psychiatry ...

Who are you?