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Team Chat Internally

Create private chat channels for your staff. Or maybe a public support chat?

Embedded Comments

Use Talkyard for your blog comments. Your members can post comments via the accounts they already have. More info here.

Shape your Community

Via Like and Unwanted votes, your staff and core members can shape the nature and contents of the forum. Prevent it from going off-topic and being taken over by cute kittens. Work in progress.

Free and Open Source

You can install Talkyard on your own server. One installation can host many communities. Automatic software updates.

List unsolved questions

So everyone gets help.

Gather ideas. Sort by popularity

Make well-informed decisions about what to change / improve.

Better decisions

Easy to find good answers — they rise to the top.

Avoid mistakes

You'll see if others disagree with a suggestion / comment — then, read the replies, to find out what the problem is.

Mobile friendly

Easily navigate large discussions, also on mobile: Click to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to continue reading.

Start a community for:

Your non-profit. Talk with those you help, and your volunteers.

A political party. Find solutions to problems in society together.

Your open source project. Q&A. Discuss future features.

Anything. Relationships / your school / games / psychiatry ...