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Compare with

Here you can see how Talkyard compares with other software.

Alternatives and Complements

Use together with Talkyard:

  • Slack
  • HubSpot
  • Reddit (e.g. cross post announcements to both your Talkyard forum and Reddit)
  • Chat widgets, e.g. Intercom or Tawk. (How could integrations work?)

Use instead of Talkyard, or Talkyard instead of:

About the comparisons

We constructed these comparisons, by visiting the feature list pages of the relevant other software, and making feature lists that include both Talkyard's features, and the features of the other software.

This is a bit biased towards Talkyard and how it can be used:

  • We keep Ty's feature list more up-to-date (since we know when it changes). Edit: Ooops, that didn't work, because of forgetfullness & "I'll do it soon".
  • We're focusing on Ty. For example, Slack might have 100 nice chat features that Talkyard lacks, but we summarize all those 100 things in just two rows: "Good chat" and "Threaded chat". But if Slack had done this comparison, they might have expanded those two rows into 100 rows, and collapsed many of Ty's from-their-perspective off-topic features into just one or two rows. (B.t.w., we don't think about Slack as a use-instead-of Talkyard, but use-together-with, that is, complementary software.)