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Showing and changing blog comments discussionId and URL

By Bryce Wray @BryceWray2019-09-01 17:52:22.040Z2019-09-06 06:37:45.534Z

@KajMagnus for those posts prior to my setting up a discussionId parameter to make their comments portable, is there a way in the Admin view I can see an ID and then retroactively apply it to those older posts? Am doing some transitioning and hate to lose those comments. I can see them in Admin but don't see their parameters. Hope all that makes sense. Thanks as always, sir.

[Edit] I changed the title from "Any way to identify old discussionId ?" to the current title. /KajMagnus [/Edit]

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-02 18:33:35.643Z

    There is not, and to me that seems like a good thing to have. I've previously a bit been wondering how to deal with situations like yours. There could 1) be a page that lists all embedded comments pages, where you'll see blog post URLs and any already existing discussionIds, and where you can add and remove new ids. Or 2) I can add a view-&-change discussionId setting, on each page. Or maybe both 1 & 2 would make sense, actually.

    I have fairly many things to do this week, but hopefully I can be done with this at the end of next week. What's your time frame for doing the transitioning to ... Is this to a new domain? Or different URL paths?

    1. In reply toBryceWray:
      Bryce Wray @BryceWray2019-09-02 18:37:37.802Z

      No hurries. Still in the dev stage with various bugs to fix. In the end, would be the same site and domain (, but just pointing Netlify to a different repo. Will be glad to help with testing of this feature if that would be useful for you. Thanks!

      1. Progress
        with doing this idea
      2. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2019-09-06 07:09:49.323Z.
      3. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-06 07:09:44.260Z2019-09-06 07:27:04.887Z

        @BryceWray — both you, and apparently also @SteveM, need this.

        I'm changing the topic type to "Idea" & I changed the title, ... and marking as Planned,
        Hopefully I can get this done the next week, or the next next week.

        Yes Bryce if you'd like to help with testing this out, that be good :- )

        1. Bryce Wray @BryceWray2019-09-06 10:42:02.982Zreplies toKajMagnus:

          Great. Just let me know how and when to test. Can test in both Hugo and Eleventy so perhaps that will help.

          1. Bryce Wray @BryceWray2019-10-12 02:45:11.107Zreplies toKajMagnus:

            Hello. Just wondering where this stands. I take it this got derailed by work on other things? Either that, or you implemented it and I just don't know where to find it. :-)

            1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-10-12 12:53:42.188Zreplies toBryceWray:

              I've fixed this, and it's a bit untested. Can I first try to change the URLs at another blog (which was imported from Disqus and has some old broken URLs that I can now fix)? and then tomorrow I'll write to you about how to do this.

              (One goes to the Admin Area | Settings | Features and enables Experimental, then clicks the Content tab that appear, and then one can edit discussion IDs and URLs. However don't try to edit the other fields right now. — I suggest you wait until I message you again tomorrow :- ))

              1. Bryce Wray @BryceWray2019-10-12 13:00:14.097Zreplies toKajMagnus:

                That’s fine; I’ll wait until you give the “all-clear,” so to speak. Thanks for continuing to work on this! I feared you’d had to abandon it for some reason. Since I’m not only still migrating back and forth among SSGs but also resurrecting formerly deleted posts (see, I need this more now than I did when I first asked for it. :-)