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SupportKLD2922020-02-18 13:24:14.215Z
User Badges

Sorry for all the questions in one shot... I'm seriously considering talkyard since it literally combines neatly the best features from all the other forum platforms. Is there any way to add user badges next to the username, e.g. near the admin, for ...

IdeasF12020-02-18 13:06:38.490Z
Hiding revision history

Tried searching this but didn't find a topic about it. Is there a way to hide revision history? [e.g. a social forum where someone writes something embarrassing, or accidentally posts private information, but he doesnt wan't to lose the upvotes etc. ...

SupportF12020-02-18 11:32:39.106Z
Custom login form

Is there a way to customize the sign-up form (e.g. Custom questions/challenges that the user must answer correctly to be accepted) ? Use: a forum seeking to attract people with specific skills or interest might want to make sure a user is suitable be...

SupportFF22020-02-18 06:38:16.004Z
RTL Support

Is there any support for right-to-left languages?

SupportFF22020-02-18 06:29:51.821Z
Bug: Bad post nr read when liking certain posts

I am not allowed to like this post: I noticed this in other places too, recently.

SupportC42020-02-18 04:56:51.904Z
Bug: Clicking "Home" in a private thread redirects to weird /test homepage

This is weird...

IssuesC12020-02-18 04:55:19.537Z
New draft UI

I'm seeing more instances lately of drafts that shouldn't be there. I think the issue is that they were probably always incorrectly saved when actually they shouldn't have (since I had sent that message). But now that the drafts are more visual, it b...

SupportC72020-02-18 03:12:01.619Z
API request: Extend page creation to private threads + Notification API

Hi @KajMagnus We are strongly considering extending SoundFlow with some new features related to sharing of content on the platform. Today users can already share content publicly - this is when a forum category gets automatically created for the cont...

SupportCC22020-02-17 09:20:38.784Z
Export from hosted version to self-hosted version?

I'm considering installing and hosting Talkyard on my own server so I can have a more user-friendly email when people interact with Talkyard. I'm using the hosted version now, and would want to export all of my current data so I could move it to a lo...

SupportH182020-02-16 18:05:25.620Z
Explain icons...
Feature consideration: Backlinks

We often have people link to other topics on the forum. It would be helpful that those links would appear on the page of the topic being linked to as well - like, automatic backlinks, ie. "This topic was referenced in XYZ"

IdeasC12020-02-13 22:03:39.943Z
What's missing in Talkyard

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented: Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. ...

SupportD2S142020-02-09 10:18:07.836Z
Feature request: Ability to turn off the "progress" section for our forum

The ability to answer to threads in the sequential "progress" format at the end is not working very well with our user base. I think it works well when people posting are mostly educated to use the forum but in our case it just causes a lot of confus...

SupportC52020-02-06 20:03:06.299Z
Filesize limitations to uploads

Idea/suggestion: Allow integration with third party storage services such as Azure Blobstorage, AWS or GCP. Or, have tiers we can opt into that allows customers to upload larger files. Right now we're having issues with customers who cannot upload sc...

SupportC232020-02-05 18:59:18.973Z

Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

SupportNT102020-02-04 22:19:47.008Z
Unable to use port 433

Hi! I work in a very closed intranet enviroment and I have just a one server avaliable to use I don't use AWS or anything like and unfortally I can't ask for more server to just only one small aplicattion. :( So here I use Nginx with multi applicatio...

SupportF22020-02-04 14:48:50.705Z
Talkyard setup in Docker Container

Hello, I tried to setup talkyard on my Server. I used the official documentation on GitHub. The Container starts and running fine, but I think I have a wrong Nginx setup. I can access but not https://comments.das...

SupportHF202020-01-31 17:55:03.677Z
Potential bug: Pasting code gives error about having too many links

Hi @KajMagnus See Jon's input here: He can't paste code to our forum. Do you have any idea why it would think that these are links? He also tried pasting the code inside ``` lines to no avail.

SupportC22020-01-25 13:21:44.669Z
Multilanguage support: lead language & automatic translation

Hi @KajMagnus, I know that this is somewhat over the top at the moment. But I am wondering if you ever thought about merging different languages on one platform via automatic translation. DeepL does an amazing job ... unfortunatly the API is not avai...

IdeasMM32020-01-19 15:46:08.973Z
Self-hosted installation - docker containers guidance

[Edit by KajMagnus] Now (Mars 2019), I added instructions here about how to integrate Talkyard into one's own Docker-Compose stack, which was what this question was mostly about. [/Edit] Hi, I think I am ready to move from Disqus comments to Talkyard...

SupportDGMH142020-01-06 16:16:40.439Z
Post creation (upsert) API

Hi @KajMagnus. Thank you again for all your help designing & implementing the upsert API for categories. Our users are so happy with this feature :) I have another request in the same general area. We're building a feedback integration inside SoundFl...

IdeasCC322020-01-01 23:49:49.298Z
Bulk import from Disqus

I'm migrating over from Disqus to Talkyard, and I have a lot of old comments in Disqus. Fortunately Disqus allow you to export comments, so I'm wondering what the best way to import them into Talkyard would be. Just to be clear on what I'm asking, I ...

IdeasDH382019-12-30 18:05:11.689Z
Use cases for team collaboration

As you know, @KajMagnus, I LOVE talkyard. We are starting a new development project internally that I'd love to host our collaboration chats, discussions and work items on TY (instead of Slack). This caused me to think that this could be a really via...

SupportCC42019-12-27 20:27:32.862Z
Showing and changing blog comments discussionId and URL

@KajMagnus for those posts prior to my setting up a discussionId parameter to make their comments portable, is there a way in the Admin view I can see an ID and then retroactively apply it to those older posts? Am doing some transitioning and hate to...

Ideas122019-12-20 01:46:38.919Z
Nuxt integration

Hi, I'm trying to integrate Talkyard comments into a Nuxt app but get the following errors: [Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' (anonymous function) ( [Error] Refused to load

SupportMM32019-12-11 15:49:18.555Z
Translate into Russian

Make a translation into Russian

IdeasEN122019-12-07 08:27:30.042Z
Error creating a new post in the General group

If I try to add a reply to a post on the General group this error is shown: Something went wrong: [DwE500REX] java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Not implemented: Loading Everyone group members [TyE2ABKR05] at com.debiki.core.Prelude$.unimplem...

IssuesAA112019-12-05 17:15:14.973Z
Add a rich text editor

Maybe use ProseMirror to build one? It supports both rich text and Markdown, and collaborative editing. Here Atlassian has published an open source editor built on ProseMirror: (found out abou...

Ideas02019-12-05 07:30:04.224Z
Potential bug in forum SSO login

We have a new user who can't log in via SSO. This is the error he's getting. Any ideas as to how/why this may happen?

SupportCC62019-11-26 07:50:40.937Z
User reputation?

What is the status of the user reputation system? Do user earn reputation like on Stack Exchange? I've been looking around for a few minutes and I don't see anything that would indicate a full reputation system is implemented, although I saw some dis...

SupportD272019-11-25 06:34:33.412Z
New version: Talkyard v0.6.50

(This new version is, as of 2019-11-23, available at Open source release in a few days or a week.) Breaking change, for self hosted Talkyard, with Gmail OAuth login: You need to go to Google developer's console, open your OAuth config s...

Announcements02019-11-23 12:10:11.401Z
Talkyard Roadmap 2018-11-26

Here's what's next for Talkyard. Feedback & change suggestions are welcome; you can add a comment below. If you compare with the previous roadmap you'll notice that things have taken longer than planned — and that's one reason why I'll focus on makin...

DevelopmentD2IS102019-11-23 06:09:21.387Z
Developer Diary, 2019

I'm starting a developer diary, inspired by Flarum and their Dev Diary ( — I feel I've been working and working and working without telling people what I'm working with. And things take longer than...

DevelopmentST142019-11-21 06:25:41.185Z
Is there a LinkedIn integration?

Does Talkyard have a LinkedIn integration? Sometimes forum and blog admins want to let their users login only via LinkedIn.

Support12019-11-14 05:31:21.527Z
Translations - Testing

Hi there, is there a way to test a translation the easy way? I didn't found a hint where to put the language file to be able to choose it in talkyard. So does talkyard automatically scan the language folder an recognice a new file to show in admin se...

SupportB12019-11-01 18:41:09.503Z
Custom CSS and theming

Hey, I managed to get quite far with customizing the Talkyard CSS, but I have several issues: I don't understand the meaning of the class names. They don't seem to follow a logic or system and neither are they very descriptive. I'd rather start from ...

SupportK272019-10-17 09:09:53.088Z
Add a way to create events, with date and location

Hello, First thanks a lot for this great tool, it is amazing! I'm thinking to use it to help building a community that could (should) have meetings/events between each other, and these events should be proposed by the community. So my dream would be ...

IdeasT42019-10-16 06:46:49.683Z
Unnecessary "You have replies to posts of yours", for blog comments

If a blog visitor subscribes to comments for a blog post, then Talkyard lazy-creates a page for that blog post (so that there's something to subscribe to). However, Talkyard also sends a "You have replies" email, because of this new page, although th...

Issues02019-10-14 12:35:53.757Z
New version: Talkyard v0.6.49

So this is the first newsletter / announcement. I haven't been good at communicating what features and things appear in Talkyard — let's try to change that :- ) New features .... since the last few months: Discussion forum features: Custom user group...

Announcements02019-10-14 10:28:48.491Z
Low Friction Blog Comment Setup

I want to use Talkyard for blog comments. I’m having trouble setting it up the way I want. Could you tell me how to achieve the following: moderate all comments always only name and email required without account no login required So basically, a new...

IdeasNN92019-10-06 20:08:40.214Z