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    Chat about Talkyard and related things. E.g. ask quick questions.

    2018-05-25 10:25:59.867Z
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    I tested out the comments on a local instance of my site. I ended up with: A new topic (comments for page at ...) Comments on this new topic So I deleted the comments, and then (to see what happens) I deleted the topic. Now I have a seemingly permane...

    2018-05-26 15:36:29.780Z
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    We currently have Slack & Hangouts Chat, so we're not interested in the Chat functionality and would like to turn it off. Is it possible to do this easily? I suppose I'd say this is a feature request to make that a setting if I didn't miss it :) Plea...

    in: Ideas
    2018-05-14 23:15:20.908Z
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    Update, May 2018: If you have created a Talkyard community, you can make LaTeX work, over there, by adding this script: <script type="text/javascript" async src="

    2018-05-09 05:50:22.578Z
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    Hi, I think I am ready to move from Disqus comments to Talkyard comments for my blog. I would like to use self-hosted solution. I don't want to run any scripts/compose file offered, mainly because I already have my website running using docker-compos...

    2018-05-08 05:08:56.263Z
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    Quick test if this is for you You can try out Talkyard at your site, without signing up or installing anything: Add this where you want the commetns to appear, for example, in ./themes/YOUR_THEME_NAME/layouts/_default/single.html, in a new <section> ...

    2018-05-03 05:46:11.898Z
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    I like to preview my statically generated site (Octopress/Jekyll) on my local machine or an internal server before deploying to the public server. Is it possible to test hosted comments in such a setup?

    2018-05-01 06:32:38.359Z
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    I'm using Talkyard for embedded comments, and it looks like any commenter will need to create a new account just to be able to comment. I can see people accepting this with eg. Disqus because one account will work for many sites. But for a per-site s...

    2018-05-01 06:07:53.451Z
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    I'm migrating over from Disqus to Talkyard, and I have a lot of old comments in Disqus. Fortunately Disqus allow you to export comments, so I'm wondering what the best way to import them into Talkyard would be. Just to be clear on what I'm asking, I ...

    2018-04-30 15:51:13.933Z
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    I'm using Octopress, which is just based around Jekyll (it's an older version, 2.5.3). I've followed the Jekyll instructions and have gotten as far as seeing TEST001 on a post. However, there's no comment form. I just see: I had to tweak the Jekyll s...

    2018-04-23 14:07:37.206Z
  11. Explain icons...
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    This is how we're planning to make single-sign-on (SSO) for embedded comments work. (For SSO for the discussion forum itself (which isn't embedded), maybe it'll be some simple flavor of OpenAuth instead.) To single-sign-on, the server that generates ...

    in: Ideas
    2018-03-21 13:33:19.392Z
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    hi, I am new to this talk yard ,I wanted to install talk yard on my web page .please suggest from where to start.I read some installation steps in git hub but still i am unable to understand it..

    2018-03-17 11:38:46.127Z
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    Hello, i want to suggest a few design changes. As how it is now, for me, it's not much visual appealing and somehow looks confusing. So, let's start: -Fixed navbar at top I do not see why is a navbar fixed at top(mobile view), as it do not provide an...

    in: Ideas
    2018-03-15 16:23:53.663Z
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    Here's what's next for Talkyard. Feedback & change suggestions are welcome. Before the Beta This is what probably should be done, before the Beta release of Talkyard: Mostly done, needs some testing: Support other languages than English. Sub communit...

    2018-03-14 12:34:57.189Z
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    Anything related to developing Talkyard, e.g. writing source code, discussing what to build and how, and questions about the development environment.

    2018-03-13 07:16:15.316Z
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    Say hello and tell us who you are. What are you looking for, how would you want to use this forum/chat software?

    2018-03-04 02:10:05.286Z
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    Hacker News (HN) and Reddit are great, and sometimes a bit annoying? The annoying parts can be fixed: 1. Finding new comments When you read a discussion at Hacker News (HN) or Reddit, and go for a coffee or take a nap, then later how do you find comm...

    in: Ideas
    2017-11-13 06:17:55.705Z
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    Hello! I was following the instructions on GitHub to install Effective Discussions ( and, upon running the command in step 2: ./scripts/ 2>&1 | tee -a ed-maint.log i got this screen, which i was ...

    2017-10-22 06:13:22.708Z
  20. 3

    Hello :-) In Step 3 of the installation instructions (Install Docker), something that looks like an error happens. First, the amount of time left for the installation to be completed keeps increasing. After about 5 minutes, it plateaus at about 22 ho...

    2017-10-22 06:09:05.441Z
  21. 1

    Hello :-) When attempting to run ./scripts/ 2>&1 | tee -a ed-maint.log in Step 8 of the installation instructions, i also get what appears to be an error: Should i carry on with Steps 9 and 10? Or should i wait to figure out why i...

    2017-09-18 14:43:08.800Z
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    I created some categories I don't want and I can't figure out how to delete them. Can someone help me do that? Thank you.

    2017-02-01 10:35:03.301Z
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    Suggest new features, or things to change, or remove.

    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:28:41.117Z
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    Would you like to embed Debiki's comment system on a website of yours? You could then create static HTML pages, and nevertheless get a dynamic comment section, without needing any database. It'd be similar to e.g. Disqus. It could work as follows: Ex...

    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:20:18.239Z
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    I'm thinking about using [the discussion system in use on this site] for Here's a noisy demo, and here is a "real" (non-demo) page. Some things that are missing: A reputation system Tagging questions, search by tags A questi...

    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:06:41.970Z
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    One of issues of different social and discussion sites is that up/downvotes have unclear meaning. Is it liking that someone is posting something ("thanks for sharing"), or liking its content (easthetically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, ...)...

    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 08:04:38.696Z
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    Issues and question related to Debiki (curious if it will work). [Edit: Nowadays, year 2015, please instead post a new topic for each issue or question. /KajMagnus]

    2015-09-19 07:55:19.950Z
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    Debiki feature requests. [Edit: Nowadays please instead post each idea as a separate topic. /KajMagnus]

    in: Ideas
    2015-09-19 07:52:48.971Z
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    Here you can ask about EffectiveDiscussions, and tell us if something seems broken.

    2015-09-19 07:41:47.183Z
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    How will this Markdown source render: (will there be a line break?) Roses are red Violets are blue You should have no idea, since any trailing spaces are invisible (they indicate line breaks, in Markdown). Also you don't know which particular Markd...

    in: Ideas
    2013-06-16 18:11:40.394Z