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How do I delete a category?

I created some categories I don't want and I can't figure out how to delete them. Can someone help me do that? Thank you.

SupportS22017-02-01 10:35:03.301Z discussion system

I'm thinking about using [the discussion system in use on this site] for Here's a noisy demo, and here is a "real" (non-demo) page. Some things that are missing: A reputation system Tagging questions, search by tags A questi...

IdeasUUUM52015-09-19 08:06:41.970Z
Semantics of an upvote - how to deal with it?

One of issues of different social and discussion sites is that up/downvotes have unclear meaning. Is it liking that someone is posting something ("thanks for sharing"), or liking its content (easthetically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, ...)...

IdeasU142015-09-19 08:04:38.696Z
Debiki issues

Issues and question related to Debiki (curious if it will work). [Edit: Nowadays, year 2015, please instead post a new topic for each issue or question. /KajMagnus]

SupportUAUT82015-09-19 07:55:19.950Z
Debiki feature requests

Debiki feature requests. [Edit: Nowadays please instead post each idea as a separate topic. /KajMagnus]

IdeasU342015-09-19 07:52:48.971Z
Visualizing Markdown's double space line breaks

How will this Markdown source render: (will there be a line break?) Roses are red Violets are blue You should have no idea, since any trailing spaces are invisible (they indicate line breaks, in Markdown). Also you don't know which particular Markdo...

IdeasU02013-06-16 18:11:40.394Z
Explain icons...