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local installation with docker does not work

By Omar Castaño @gartoinf2019-09-18 17:35:20.992Z

Hello everyone,
I do not work the local installation with docker, does anyone know why?
this is my log

log.txt (11.01 kB)

Solved in post #3, click to view
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  1. G
    Omar Castaño @gartoinf2019-09-18 20:49:59.761Z

    i solved my error using --recursive in git clone.

    now i have the next error:

    /opt/typesafe-activator/bin/activator: line 114: 63 Killed "$@" tyd_app_1 exited with code 137

    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-19 06:15:21.147Z

      A sudden exit with code 137 can happen if there's too little memory — how much memory does your computer have? Also, maybe I should bump PLAY_HEAP_MEMORY_MB: 2800 to something higher, in docker-compose.yml.

      You're installing for local development? Otherwise, for a production installation, it's this repo:

      About --recursive: What command did you type that generated the log file? make up should clone submodules automatically, but now I noticed that it seems make build won't do that (that'd be a Makefile bug).