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Dark mode - hexo

By Steve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:09:21.921Z

I followed the hexo instructions to try out and it worked ok once I removed some of the conditional expression.

But my website has a black background and I want to be able to edit the css - ideally you'd have a dark mode ready to use.

PS I had to create anaccount again for the forum.

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-27 20:18:16.465Z

    How weird, you had to remove some of the conditional expressions? Which ones if I may ask? Did you use the built-in instructions, or the ones on this other website: ?

    You have a link to your website? (I couldn't find)

    A color picker, for background and foreground colors, and button colors — I'd like to add that. A dark theme is a good idea.

    The nearest weeks, there're some other things I need to do.

    You can edit CSS, here're temporary instructions: — until there's a color picker.
    However this won't change the foreground / text color — you would want it to be white?

    Actually what if I edit the CSS for you blog and make it match your theme? (if it's hosted by me, then I can access it.) Then I get to see how the color picker needs to work.

    1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:36:21.023Z

      Thanks for a quick response Kaj
      Re needing to log in atwice - I had not confirmed the email - d'oh!

      Yes I used your hexo page.

      So I'm not using the default theme, rather one called cactus.

      • index is not defined
      • post is not defined but page is the same.
      • discussion_id logged to console

      I push the temp talkyard config so you can see it here:

      Thanks for the offer to tweak the CSS. I found a link to an editor in the forum but 404. I'm not too fussy as long as the comments look cleaner than now. Perhaps make the reply utton the green?, use same text colour and have a frame.

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-27 20:45:03.008Z

        Ok, thanks for the link. Your blog still points to: — you need to edit the Hexo config values and change that to:, and sign up at so you'll become admin.

        I'll look into changing the colors tomorrow or later this weekend — now time to sleep for a while :- )

        1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:53:30.172Z

          I'm still evaluating now before I commit to €1 pcm :).

          As it is I like it but need to change the colours - and perhaps fix the discussion_id id it is needed (I can't see how)

          1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:57:39.322Z

            and now I see the free trial! :)

            1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-30 05:57:55.023Z

              Interesting. Now I changed the button title from "Select" to "Free trial" so hopefully other people will notice the free trial directly, hereafter.

              1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-30 11:42:01.086Z

                Perfect solution :)

        2. In reply tostevelee:
          SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:47:27.000Z

          page.discussion_id print as 'discussion_id' so I guess I have more work to do to give talkyard a decent id - any ideas? Thanks

          1. SSteve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 21:03:34.274Z

            When I logged into I had to create an account and confirm the email for the 3rd time!!!

            This concerns me

            I used the Twitter openID each time

            1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-30 05:56:03.664Z

              You needed to create a new account for because it's a different Talkyard site.
              You do that only once.

              The other site,, only has test accounts, not related to the real site you have now created.

      2. Progress
      3. S
        Steve Lee @stevelee2019-09-27 20:51:25.285Z

        sorry I used the instructions at as linked from your site somehere. I have not found any 'Built in' instructions.

        1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-09-30 06:01:58.449Zreplies tostevelee:

          Ok, thanks for the info. There're built-in instructions if you go here: and click Hexo.

          I've changed your comment section colors now, so it matches the colors of your blog.
          Have a look here: (scroll down to the comments at the bottom)

          (I'd like to make the arrows a bit brighter, but CSS filter:brightness(200%); for some reason doesn't have any effect :- /
          Maybe I can ask at StackOverflow. (Right now, it's filter: invert(100%); instead, works fairly ok.) )

          1. S
            Steve Lee @stevelee2019-09-30 11:09:20.827Zreplies toKajMagnus:

            Hexo instructions

            • So as I was evaluating without an account I had no visibility of those instructions
            • I'll add that extra URL - though it works with what I currently have
            • neither index or post or define in the cactus hexo theme.
            • Not sure if it matters that post.discussion_iddoes not seem to be page specific - will this break comments? I need to explore- DO you have any insights?


            Brilliant thank you very much

            There are a few bugs with hover styling.

            • non button links are unreadable due to lack of text contrast
            • the main reply link (top on that is now green) goes blue - should be same green to follow other reply buttons i guess

            The theme seems to be styles using the Admin theme and there are multiple issues. I'm happy if you use your default theme there.,

            Thanks again!!!!

            1. S
              Steve Lee @stevelee2019-10-04 16:06:44.421Zreplies tostevelee:

              Thanks again for giving me a darlk mode.

              As a priority if you get time could you adjust the hover: stiles for links in my comments? As it is if you mouse over the text is unreadable white on white (or close). Perhaps just invert the colours from the light theme?

              A lower priority is the admin page would be better in the original light them as there are many problems with white on white