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New version: Talkyard v0.6.50

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-11-23 11:59:23.220Z2019-11-23 12:10:11.401Z

(This new version is, as of 2019-11-23, available at Open source release in a few days or a week.)

Breaking change, for self hosted Talkyard, with Gmail OAuth login:

You need to go to Google developer's console, open your OAuth config settings, and enable the People API. Because hereafter Talkyard uses Google's People API, for logging in with Gmail, instead of Google+ API, which is deprecated and started causing problems (Google apparently renamed a JSON field to uppercase resulting in Talkyard's OAuth lib's JSON parsing code not finding it any longer).

Other changes:

  • Russian translation contributed by Eugene @Noobchenko
  • Now you can export most of your site to JSON, and import to a self-hosted Talkard server. (Go to, enable Experimental features, click Save, then click the Backup tab that appears at the top. Then click Download backup. Currently, only textual contents is included in the backup (not uploaded images).) @SteveM
  • LinkedIn login now enabled for hosted Talkyard (and you can enable it yourself, if you're self hosted).
  • No-emails-sent bug fixed (was a database column length constraint problem). @chrscheuer
  • Other bug fixes, including using the right comment_id for Ghost blog comments.
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