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French people can get weird usernames

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer2020-06-25 12:56:06.529Z
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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-06-26 13:12:22.100Z

    Ok, so here's the username and name, anonymized: FIRST_NAME_L39 (FIRST NAME L'LASTNAME)

    Looks as if the name somehow gets escaped, before the username gets generated.

    ' is: ' i.e. single quotation mark (apostrophe), same as '.

    I'll try to reproduce. I think it's related to usernames generated from one's real name in the SSO API.

    1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer2020-06-26 13:14:09.509Z

      Yes exactly. It's possible there's an error somewhere in our code as well, just thought I'd flag this so we make sure to look at it :)

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-06-28 13:42:33.573Z

        I couldn't reproduce — I added an e2e test that SSO-upserts a new user with full name: Fr Ç é ù ï â 'S "D and another that upserts a user with that same name as username, and in both cases Ty then generates the username Fr_C_e_u_i_a_S_D (without 39)

        1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer2020-07-11 11:45:44.444Z

          Hm yea the apostrophe may have been escaped elsewhere..

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    3. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2020-06-26 13:12:50.556Z.