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SSL Certificate generation on hosted version

By Clement Danjou @immortal_tofu2020-11-03 12:07:23.737Z

Hello !
We just subscribed to hosted plan. We add a CNAME to our hosted talkyard, but the certificate is not up to date. I read you are using Let's Encrypt to generate a certificate, so maybe it takes some time ?
Current custom domain:

Solved in post #2, click to view

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-03 20:35:19.077Z

    Hi Clement, now I've generated a HTTPS cert: — yes it's a LetsEncrypt cert, and, I'm gong to automate this somewhat soon via an OpenResty auto-ssl plugin. .... Then it takes maybe 5? 10? seconds to auto generate a cert.

    But right now one needs to message me about it.

    (Immortal tofu? Makes me wonder if there's a story behind the username :- )

    Also, b.t.w., I'm curious about how you have in mind to use Talkyard?)

    1. I
      In reply toimmortal_tofu:
      Clement Danjou @immortal_tofu2020-11-03 21:49:52.535Z

      Thanks it's working :)