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Limit ability to tag/mention certain users

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2022-05-16 09:43:43.654Z

    Hi @KajMagnus

    Being the admin of our forum and at the same time the Founder & CEO of my company makes my time extremely limited. Many of our users have figured out that they can tag me in various posts to give them a little more attention.
    Going forward, this solution won't be scaleable though, as the sheer amount of users tagging me would overflow my inbox.

    We'd like to be able to restrict the ability to tag certain users from our leadership team so that only members of a particular group can tag those restricted accounts.
    For example, my handle in our forum is "chrscheuer" - I'd like it so that only our internal team can tag me.

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    1. @Mr.Nobody
        2022-05-17 13:30:02.695Z

        I am not part of the talkyard team in any way. just sharing my personal opinion on this:

        I think this is a good point to ask yourself and your team: "why are they tagging me in the first place?"

        If people reach out to you directly, it usually means the common customer experience is suffering.

        • Either you are answering faster, better, more attentive, more polite...
        • Maybe you (or your team) are not visiting the blog often enough, and they get a faster response when tagging you?

        So instead of blocking this feature, and thereby forcing your users into a bad customer experience, I think it is better to leave this open so that every time a user is not satisfied with other people's work, you can at least hear about it.

        But either way, the place to change these settings is in the user preferences:

        • Your team should change their settings to "Every Post" for the categories they are responsible for, to make sure users dont feed the need to tag people in posts in the first place.
        • You can change your preference to "Hushed". People will still be able to tag you, but you wont receive a notification.

        view your profile -> preferences -> notifications

        1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
            2022-05-17 13:35:31.879Z

            Hi Mr. Nobody,

            Appreciate the alternative feedback, but we would still like this feature to be implemented. The "Hushed" setting does send notifications if a person is being tagged so no, it won't fix this issue for us.

            1. @Mr.Nobody
                2022-05-17 15:16:33.159Z

                The "Hushed" setting does send notifications if a person is being tagged

                oh, I did not know that. thanks!

            2. In reply tochrscheuer:

              restrict the ability to tag certain users from our leadership team so that only members of a particular group can tag those restricted accounts

              The people in the leadership team, they don't happen to all of them be Core Members or moderators?
              If so, maybe initially, configuring a minimum trust level for someone to be allowed to @-tag you, could be enough.

              Alternatively, Talkyard could, for each user group G, remember which other user groups is allowed to tag the users in G. I suppose that in an initial implementation, only admins could edit these settings. — This would be a lot more work.

              1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
                  2022-05-17 15:18:28.898Z

                  Thanks @KajMagnus! Minimum trust level and/or moderator status required to tag a user, admin-configurable on the target profile (the profile being tagged or not tagged), would be a great first step.
                  And yea, configurable on the group <> group level would be ideal long term, but trust level is definitely something we could work with.

                  Can you remind me what are the permissions moderators get access to, and what's the current top-most automatically granted trust level? As far as I remember, the auto-trust level only goes so far, so that the uppermost trust levels are only manually assignable, right?

                • In reply tochrscheuer:
                  KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-06-20 15:15:52.828Z2022-06-20 16:40:53.931Z

                  It's important that someone who tries to mention an "un-mentionable" user, realizes that s/he cannot do that. So, when trying to mention an un-mentionable user, his/her name wouldn't appear at all in the mentions username list (which appears when one types "@..."). Or the name could appear, but grayed out and with the text "Mentions disabled". And the @mentioned_username would not get converted to a clickable link, once saved.

                  I've been thinking: What if, when one submits a post, or edits it, one got to see which people would get mention-notified? Then:

                  • One can be sure that one hasn't misspelled a mention.
                  • When editing a post and adding a new @username_mention, it can be nice to see that "Ok, also when editing a post, @mentions work, not only when submitting it the first time". (I still don't know how GitHub works in this regard. To add a new username mention to a GitHub comment, I actually copy the text from my original comment, delete the comment, and re-post it with the new @mention added, just because I don't know if it works to add a new @mention via and edit.)

                  Such a who-will-get-mentioned list would not be a modal dialog — it'd be an unobtrusive info line above or below the editor, just for those who wanted to have a look. Maybe next to "Saving draft ...".

                  Maybe such a who-will-get-@mention-notified feature could, if typing @christian, show a message like: "Christian will not get notified — mentions are disabled for this user". What do you think

                  1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
                      2022-06-20 18:40:28.408Z

                      Yea I generally agree with this. In our case we would want to personalize/customize this message if it did get displayed. We'd want to say something like:
                      If you want to get in touch with SoundFlow support or the team, please tag @xxx (and then we would have that be our team of supporters for example).

                      1. customize this message ... "please tag @xxx"

                        Such a good idea :- ). I'll see how easy it is to do that, and if it'll be included in the first iteration or later.

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                    • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-05-17 14:53:22.097Z.