Create a Q&A forum for your

People find help "instantly" — save time.
Crowdsource ideas and feedback,
upvote, discuss, choose the right ideas.
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Start a forum for:

Your non-profit. Listen to those you help, and your volunteers.

Your students. Answer their questions. Let them help each other.

Your open source project, for your users and contributors.

Anything. Relationships / your housing co-op / games / psychiatry ...

More about Use Cases ...

Questions & Answers

So people find help directly when they're stuck — and can continue working / studying / or buying from you?

Avoid repetition, save time

If a question has been asked already, others with the same problem, find the best old answers — no need to ask again, or wait for help.

Everyone gets help

List unsolved questions, so nothing gets overlooked.

Onboarding, handover

Your new members learn how things work, by reading earlier questions and answers. The knowledge stays, when someone leaves.

Crowdsource ideas

Re-energize your organization with improvement suggestions and creative new ideas.

Pick the right ideas

Discuss the ideas — good arguments for and against, surface to the top, so you find them, before making decisions.

Avoid mistakes

You'll see if others disagree with something — then, read the replies, to find out what the problem is.

Insight and transparency

Click a category for one of your teams or colleagues, and see what they're talking about and doing. (Except for private discussions)

Custom groups — save time

Create a user group, add members, and, in a few clicks, configure everyone's notification settings and access permissions.

Team chat

Get work done together, in team chats. Add a public support chat, for quick questions.

Blog comments

Add comments to your blog, or technical documentation. And talk with your blog visitors. Read more here.

Mobile friendly

Easily navigate large discussions, also on mobile: Click to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to continue reading.

Shape your Community

Custom branding: Change colors and the top navigation bar to match your main website. Use Like and Unwanted votes to encourage good behavior and staying on-topic. Work in progress.

Free and Open Source

Install Talkyard on your server. Automatic software updates. Single Sign-On and API. One installation can host many communities.

Embedded forum

Optionally, embed your Talkyard forum in a mobile app. (Experimental.)