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A Stack Overflow for Teams alternative

You can a bit think of Talkyard as StackOverflow for Teams (, but open source.

Talkyard is for Q&A, just like Stack Overflow, but also intended for ideation & bigger open-ended discussions. And works for creating public communities (not only company internal) around your products (or hybrid partly-public-partly-internal).

Stack Overflow is primarily for Q&A, although you can use it for open-ended discussions too. It has more integrations and better support and uptime guarantees, content and users analytics, and compliance related enterprise features. It's a bigger company, less risky.

Both Stack Overflow and Talkyard are threaded. Stack Overflow limits the threading depth to two (answers and flat comments), which can make Stack Overflow simpler to understand and use, but can also be a small hinderance to larger discussions.

Talkyard has partly implemented anti-cognitive biases features that deal with things like group think, appeal-to-authority (these features are optional), anchoring bias.

Below, €3 means that the feature on that row, is included in Talkyard's €3 price plan (that is, €3 per active employee and month). And $0 in Stack Overflow's column, means that the feature is free at Stack Overflow, for up to 50 employees. means the feature is missing.

Probably there's some error in the table below, or will be, as time goes by. (This was last updated in October 2023.)

TalkyardStackOverflow for Teams

Price and Hosting

Price per month€3 – €8 per coworker ("/c")$0 (free) up to 50 coworkers.
$6.5 per coworker up to 250. Then $13.5.
External usersUnmetered
Install on-premiseOpen source (open core)contact sales (over at StackOverflow)
Custom domain5contact sales
Automatic upgrades
If on-premise. SaaS always auto upgrades.


Password + email login3yes?
Social login3yes?
Social login, even moreyes?
Guest login3
OpenID Connect (OIDC)5$6
Microsoft ActiveDirectory5contact sales
Microsoft AD FSvia OIDC?contact sales
Oktavia OIDC$6
SCIM (8 later)$6
SAML (later)$6

Users groups & Permissions

Private forum3$0
Public forum3
User groups5$13 ("communities"?)
Configure group
Configure everyone in a group at the same time, e.g. subscribe them to a category.
Self-managing groups$13
Ask a team
Post a question to a user group, without knowing who is the best person to ask.
Ask an expert
Post a question to those who know a lot about a specific topic.
Permission system
Grant read and write permissions on categories to user groups.
3$13 (edit permissions, no read permissions)

Blog comments


Discussions & Content

Tags with searchable values3

Large Discussions

Sub threads3$0 (answers, but flat comments)
Find latest comments3
Jump to parent comment & back3
Summarize large topics3 (very basic)

Q&A and Knowledge Base

Questions and Answers3$0
Anonymous Questions3
Wikify posts3$0


Post ideas3$0
Sort by upvotes3$0 (click "Unanswered")
Anonymous Ideas
So you won't judge an idea based on who posted it.


Not good chat3

Misc widgets

Link previews3 (limited)$0
Related content suggestions$0


Reputation points$0
Gamification badges$0
Create your own gamification badges$13


Email notifications3$0


Read API5$6
Write API5$13
Microsoft Teams$0

Custom themes

Custom colors and logos3 (edit CSS)$0
Custom themes3 (edit CSS)contact sales


Content Health$13
Usage and adoption metrics$13
Audience analytis$13
Popular content analytcis$13
Visualize knowledge flowscontact sales


Support via forum€0$0
Support within approx a business day5$6
Business hours support8$6
On-call support, weekends & holidayscontact sales$13
Uptime SLAcontact sales99.5%, contact sales
Customer Success Managercontact salescontact sales

Security and Compliance

ISO 27001contact sales
SOC 2 Certificationcontact sales