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A bit similar to  Stack Overflow,   Slack,   Discourse,   Reddit
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Improve your products & workplace.


People tend to agree with their superiors and co-workers, to gain favor, fit in and avoid conflict. But this hinders creativity and effective decision-making.

Get notified when these features are available:

Your teams

Team chat

Get work done together, in team chats. Add a support chat, for quick questions.

Talkyard's chat is fairly basic. Slack, and others like Mattermost, Zulip and RocketChat, are better. You can use them for chatting, and disable Talkyard's chat, and use Talkyard for Q&A / ideation / and structured discussions that are good to remember long term.

Your blog

Blog comments

Add a comments section to your blog. Talk with your readers. Read more here.

No need to sign up twice — user accounts in the forum, work at the blog too.

Big discussions

Talkyard works fine also if your whole company joins the same discussion.

Recent replies — find them

You return to a threaded discussion the next day — and want to find new replies? Just open the sidebar, click the Recent tab.

Other software — like StackOverflow, Reddit, HackerNews — require you to re-read the whole discussion from top to bottom, to find any new replies.

Jump and save time

Navigate large discussions, also on mobile: Click to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to continue reading.

Assign Tasks

See who's doing what (e.g. answering a question or impementing a feature).

Groups & Permissions

Create custom user groups. Grant permissions.

Shape your Community

Custom branding: Change colors and the top navigation bar to match your main website. Use Like and Unwanted votes to encourage good behavior and staying on-topic. Work in progress.

Open Source

Install Talkyard on your server. Automatic software updates. Single Sign-On and API. One installation can host many communities.